Monday, September 9, 2013

One year older…

August is birthday month in the Swenson home.

The kids always have such a great time being spoiled on their birthday.

I always shed a few tears because they are one year older.

I also cry myself to sleep because I am one year older also.

Here is how we roll in August.

August 6th:

 photo edits19_zpsc30189a9.jpg

Stella turns nine.

 photo StellasBirthday3_zps3248a67a.jpg

August 7th:

I am one year older.  We never get any pictures on my birthday. 

…but it happened, and I am not going to tell you how old I am.

August 13th:

 photo edits19_zps3929abfb.jpg

Jex turns eleven.

 photo JexsBirthday_zpsdb053a0e.jpg

August 17th:

 photo FamilyBirthdayParty2013-0023_zps87b21d50.jpg

We had a big party for all the August birthdays with all of our family.

 photo FamilyBirthdayParty2013-0010_zps7a548972.jpg

 photo edits19_zpsf04680e8.jpg

 photo FamilyBirthdayParty2013-0022_zps605e5f87.jpg

August 23rd:

 photo Edits19_zps185dbed8.jpg

Isaac turns six.

 photo Isaacs6thBirthday_zps5bec23b4.jpg

This year Isaac got to have a friend birthday party.  They get to have friend parties on their even birthdays.  He chose to have an Art party.  It was a fun day, spent with 8 Kindergartners.  I think I should have taken a Zanex.

Nonetheless, they had fun.  Here is a peak:

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0179_zpsc6df8ffa.jpg

More to come on that later.

Now that August is over, I think I will take a nap.


April said...

So many thoughts...

1. Your kids are so dang cute! They should seriously be in the Sears catalog. LOL
2. I love seeing a peak at your kitchen in your pictures.
3. Looks like some fabulous parties and decor. Where do you find the time to do all that and all in one month, no less!?

Leslie Posey said...

oh my did Isaac break his arm again?? moving and then all those birthdays!!! you are already super mom and in august you become superwoman mom!! Your awesome!! you really need a silhouette for all those banners you make!

Savanna said...

Holy Cow that is a busy month for you. So fun though to just party all month long. I love all your pictures and your home is so beautiful. I"m so happy for you.

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