Friday, September 6, 2013

House Tour/Office and Command Central

Continuing on with the house tour.

For those of you just joining J and A & Company; we recently bought a home.

We just completed nine long years of traveling the world like gypsies while my husband went to medical school, did residency and fellowship.

We have finally settled down, and I am sharing our dream come true.

Settling down, near family, in a beautiful neighborhood with amazing neighbors;truly is a dream come true.

Our beautiful new home is the icing on the cake.

I am sharing our house in great detail because I love seeing more than just one picture of each room in someone’s home.  I love when people share more about their home, and I can actually picture it in my head.  This is where we draw inspiration, and get to really know how home’s function. 

…so I am doing just that.  I hope you enjoy seeing more too.

Today,I am sharing the office that is right off of the entry way as you walk in.

This space is so nice for Jonathan to have.

I have so many ideas for this room, but that will come later.

This is what the space looked like when we bought it:


Here it is now:

 photo HouseTour-0292_zps855e971c.jpg

This room has glass doors that open up to the office from the living space.  It is such a beautiful touch.

 photo HouseTour-0293_zps569b1fee.jpg

One of the selling features of this home for me was all the custom molding.

 photo HouseTour-0288_zpsac88cf26.jpg

I love that this room has the beautiful molding around the room, and also on the ceiling.

 photo HouseTour-0298_zpsb1b3987a.jpg

We bought these chairs and table from the previous owner, and I just knew they belonged here in the office.

 photo HouseTour-0289_zps9e2768cf.jpg

She had them in her living space(this is the previous living room with her chairs:


I also can’t wait to get Jonathan a real desk.

A doctor deserves a big, sturdy, fill up this room desk.

  photo DSC_0377_zps51604423.jpg

These things will come with time.

 photo HouseTour-0292_zps855e971c.jpg

The big mirror was already here in the room, but I plan to do something like this with this wall:



…and of course his beautiful new guitar looks great in this space.

 photo HouseTour-0290_zpsdb73d384.jpg

I also made sure to hang his picture of his 13 pound bass in here.

 photo HouseTour-0294_zps2c097b73.jpg

A few of the details:

 photo HouseTour-0295_zps53a80f32.jpg

 photo HouseTour-0296_zpsbe316988.jpg

 photo HouseTour-0297_zps4305e74e.jpg

Office info: Chairs and table:bought from owner, curtains:IKEA, curtain rods:left by owner(but seen at Hobby Lobby), big mirror:bought from owner, second mirror:Hobby Lobby, Lamp:IKEA, vase and succulent:Hobby Lobby, Desk and chair:Walmart years ago(I painted the top of the desk)Pillows:bought from owner

Just off of the office is what I call Command Central.  I lead the troops from this area.

This is where all the organization happens.

This is what it looked like when we bought the home:


and here it is now:

 photo DSC_0379_zpsde09c6c9.jpg

This was listed as a Butler’s pantry as it connects the office (which could be a dining room instead) to the kitchen.

 photo DSC_0383_zps396e144a.jpg

This is a great place to store my china,  table clothes, and placemats.  Which is exactly what a butler’s pantry is for.

However, I have found that this is a great place to keep all our pens, papers, and my calendar as well.

 photo DSC_0382_zps2194e5de.jpg

This is where the mail goes, the school notes, and all the little papers I need to run our life.

 photo HouseTour-0001_zps84ff9dff.jpg

We also keep the backpacks here.(3 kids were at school when I took this picture; so we are missing backpacks)

 photo HouseTour-0002_zps78c05c79.jpg

As you can see it really is command central; every home should have a space like this.  It helps this mommy so much.

Command Central/Butler’s Pantry Info: Backpack hooks:Hobby Lobby, Mirror:bought from owners, Glass jars for art stuff:Walmart and Thrift stores, Labels on jars:Groopdealz, Black bin for organizing papers:Hobby Lobby, Folders inside:Tuesday Morning

I hope you enjoyed this portion of the tour.

Come back and see us again.


Colleen said...

it's so beautiful Andrea!! I love the moldings too and the floors are gorgeous. I'm loving the tour. Your taste is gorgeous!

julie said...

You have achieved in 2 mths what takes years to put together, I love your elegant taste. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the tour. Thank you so much for sharing your printouts, I have put mine in the master bedroom in a black frame it goes really well with duck egg blue, I love that quote too.

Jen said...

I have been a follower for about a year now. What classy taste you have. It's so great to get the details! You've done great. We also moved this summer and getting settled (with kids - I have 5) is an enormous job. Hats off to you.

Marji Anderson said...

looks great!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I would love to know what your file folders say (how they're organized) and also what is in the paper organizer on the left. . . .All my paper issues are back with a vengeance now that we're in a new house and nothing is the same! :)

Tara said...

So fun for you to be getting settled in such a lovely place with such a lovely home with so much lovely family around you -- I want to come see you (and your home!) in person next time I'm in Cache Valley! :) So happy for you!

Belinda Cole said...

Where do you print your huge square pictures? Where do you suggest having them printed? So beautiful!

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