Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Currently: I am enjoying my house.  Actually, I am loving my house.

How could one girl be so blessed?


Decorating: for fall.


Creating: a new wreath.


Pinning: Halloween ideas. (I want to make this witch skirt so my daughter can ask me for the ninth year in a row, “are you really going to be a witch, again?”


Listening to: Kip Moore.  I have been in love with this album for a long time, I am addicted to it this week.  I even like to listen to it when I fall asleep.  It also helps that this song, is the song Jonathan and I would dance to every night when we went back to Saba a couple years ago.

sad about: my kids going off to school.


Smiling about: Tessa starting her new dance class.


Laughing about:  seeing this picture after years; hanging in a historic building in Payson, UT.  That was me in 1996, when I was Miss Payson.  Can you say Bleach blonde hair?  To my credit, I had my  hair done the night before and instead of doing the typical highlights my stylist normally did; she gave me a heavy highlight.


Grateful for: the blessing of living in UT.  Recognizing that is a blessing to spend more time with family.  Also amazed at the beauty of this State.



Wishing: we could just pack up tomorrow and go to Disneyland.

Saving for: a new Bosch.  Mine broke over 6 months ago and it can’t be fixed.  I am ready to make bread again.

Preparing for: family pictures.  Picking out bows, and jewelry, shoes, and clothes.


Hoping that: our pictures don’t get rained out again.  Remember this storm in UT county? This little big number ruined picture day for our fam.


Wearing: lots of colored skinny jeans, bib necklaces, and shellac nails.


Trying to: make a better effort at letting my family know I love them.


Worried about: my upcoming MRI.

Proud of: my loving husband, how hard he is working, and how amazing he is.

Pictures taken with my iPhone.  Some of them shared on Instagram.


Colleen said...

First, I love this post!!! love your nails, love that front porch, your cute girl in her dancewear . . . lots about this!!

And why are you having an MRI? (I hope you don't mind me asking) Hope things are ok.

Amy said...

Gosh, that song gets me every time. Seriously, I cry every.time. Great nail colors! Praying for healthy results regarding your MRI!

Enjoying this beautiful life we've created said...

What do I find you under on Instagram??

Michelle said...

Such a fun post! I have been thinking about you often as I have worked toward getting my home organized and pretty (as you know I love your ideas and admire your ability to get it done). Also as fall has hit here in CO -- I think fall will always remind me of you. Miss you.

Kathy@mishmashmom said...

You guys should drop everything and do Disney with us next week! That would be so fun. Have a great day!

Creative Cole said...

OK! Somewhat crazy that that post is exactly what I am going through too! 1. I am making that same exact wreath! 2. I am going to be a witch too, although it is Glenda the Good from wizard of oz. That is our theme this year :) 3. Same-school, dance, wishing to go to Disney etc.... 4. And I just finished picking out our colors/outfits for family pictures! lol!! We seriously need to get together sometime :)
And I hope your MRI goes well. Hope everything is ok. {hugs}

AndreaWasson831 said...

First, I'm the worst with medical things, so I hope all is well. Please let us know.

I'm so thankful for FALL!!! I miss having little ones at home...my youngest is 14 and just not into bow shopping. :)


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