Thursday, September 19, 2013

Where we gather…

The great room in our home is very important to us.

It is where our guests hang out and visit.

It is where we gather for family talks and Family Home Evening.

It is also where we gather each morning for family devotional.

This is where my kids are taught.

It is where we pray together.

It is where we laugh together.

It is where we welcome those we love.

It is so important to me that this space is beautiful and welcoming.

I  am loving how it turned out so far.

I decorated this space with very little money.  I repurposed what I had, used what was left behind by the previous owner, and painted to make things look new.

When decorating a room; I come up with a concept, or colors first.

I came up with a beachy cottage concept.  I fell in love with these colors:


What a beachy concept means to me: blue and green colors, lots of sunlight, glass and natural elements such as; sea shells and driftwood.

Before we moved here, I started painting and repurposing with this concept in mind.

 Getting ready for new house

Remember it all started with this these little projects and this chair that I recovered?

Getting ready for new house-0302

FYI: Besides paint and fabric, I only bought 3 things for this room.  Look for these 3 things throughout the tour: 2 shiny pillows, and 1 blue bowl(which I bought for $1 at the thrift store.) The bowl has keys in it.  I tell you this so you know you can decorate a home on a budget.

Ok.  I have kept you long enough.

Want to see?

The room looked like this when we moved in:



Here is is now:

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0272_zps0677fcf5.jpg

I am going to leave you with a little picture tour.  No words, just pictures. 

A LOT of pictures. 

I have to give you the full tour right? I wouldn’t want you to miss something.

I don’t want you to feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth.

But Before I go, and leave it to the pictures:

It is important that I say:

“I hope that you enjoy seeing our new home through pictures.  I share it because I hope it brings inspirational ideas and concepts to those who see it.  I also want to share the idea of decorating with very little money, but a lot of ingenuity.  My hopes are that you know that you can make a home beautiful by repurposing old items, using thrifted items, and doing things yourself.  You don’t have to pay someone to make your home pretty.  Make your home pretty because that is where you live, laugh, and love. 

I would also like to mention that this home truly is a dream come true for our family.  It represents being permanent after 10 years of moving around.  Our home also represents tickling, reading, game playing, and pancake breakfasts.  These are the reasons that I put so much effort in to our house.  Our home is where the memories are made.  I don’t make it beautiful for any other reason then to share memories in a beautiful space with those I love.

We have lived in many different spaces and places over the years, and regardless if it was an apartment or a big home; I still put my touch on it. I am positive that each of you have a space that you are making memories in.  My hope is that you find a way to make it special and unique to your family.  When creating your own space; do what you love.  If you fill your home with things you love, then you can’t go wrong.  …and remember you don’t have to have a lot of money to make your home beautiful.  Thanks for coming and being a part of our dream.”

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0274_zps18eae1fd.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0283_zpsdb165b8a.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0264_zps0616ff08.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0265_zps95698664.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0252_zps137b1f5b.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0253_zpse7566ca9.jpg

 photo HouseTour-0424_zpsefeea2bf.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0244_zps84aa7342.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0246_zps22343f92.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0247_zpsce75153f.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0248_zpsd552f3fe.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0257_zps7a4ade99.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0251_zps2f8e7ffe.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0256_zps152d1761.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0255_zpsa8eb3eb7.jpg

(make your own flowers)

 photo HouseTour-0425_zpsaa524d87.jpg

Piano before:


Piano after:

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0249_zps2cc29cc2.jpg

 photo HouseTour-0430_zps5e6643fb.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0250_zpsb4598659.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0278_zps3104cc49.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0254_zps7b97a9cc.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0263_zpsd53df045.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0261_zpse8d6f990.jpg

 photo HouseTour-0419_zps8b09f974.jpg

 photo HouseTour-0423_zps4f92b652.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0262_zps81c3c90f.jpg

 photo HouseTour-0422_zps20d409ac.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0260_zps4c585f7a.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0258_zps408baa72.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0259_zps7ae01508.jpg

 photo HouseTour-0417_zpsb00b8779.jpg

 photo HouseTour-0429_zpsc086850f.jpg

 photo HouseTour-0426_zps47fc66c8.jpg

Download this free print here

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0281_zpsf5e2e892.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0287_zps7db3c20a.jpg

 photo HouseTour-0411_zpsbdb16188.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0266_zpsbf69ac8c.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0267_zps3b2a4075.jpg

Ok.  I am saying something.  I love how my entryway flows into our great room, and I have to show you the new addition to the entry… photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0271_zps61677b22.jpg

This space needed a lamp.

{as a little sidenote: this lamp finished off this entry way space for me.  It was missing something.}

What do you think?

Find the whole entry way here.

Ok.  One more thing…

Just because I love so much about this space, doesn’t mean there are not things that I want to change.

Isn’t that the case with every new home you buy?  You have to change something to put your stamp on it.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my plans for this room as well.

I want to change the paint color, to a very subtle gray.

Something like this gray that looks so pretty with the colors I already have in this room:


Finding someone to paint this large space is the challenge; oh, and coming up with the money to hire someone is also part of the task at hand.

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0288_zpsc9503200.jpg

Unless, someone wants to volunteer to come and paint it.  (anyone? anyone?)

I am also hoping to paint the black bookshelves white. 

You might be interested to know that they were white once, but the previous owner had them painted black.

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0279_zpsb846e7d6.jpg

…and the question of the day; Do I love the wallpaper on the fireplace?

I love the concept.  It is such a fun unique idea.  I also like the modern pattern and color of the wallpaper.

 photo HouseTour-0418_zps814337a7.jpg

However, the wallpaper wasn’t put up as well as I would like.  I am a little picky I guess.

..and I just don’t know if it is what I am looking for in this space.

I imagine beautiful glass tile covering my fireplace.

Something like this:


I would love to know what you think about the wallpaper. 

I am also on the hunt for a something fun to hang in place of that clock high above the fireplace.  Any ideas?

I am so excited to continue putting my stamp on this house.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing our home.

It has been fun sharing it with you.

Stay tuned for the kitchen.



Tiffany said...

I for one, LOVE the wall paper. I think it's beautiful. The whole room is gorgeous, so sunny and inviting. I just want to curl up and read a book in there. :) One thing I MUST know is about the silhouettes of your kids hanging above the piano. Did you make them or have them made? I have been wanting silhouettes of my kids for the LONGEST time and would love to know how to go about it!

Colleen said...

It's gorgeous!! You always do such a beautiful job with all the little details. I am really loving all the blue and aqua in there. Such a happy place!!!

Jen said...

Great job, Andrea. I echo Tiffany - how do we do those silhouettes?

Kelly A. said...

Funny. I was going to ask about the silhouettes as well :) If I am remembering correctly you posted a tutorial once, but it is far enough back that I can't find it. Would you mind sharing the link with me please? I would love to make some of my own children!!

Eileen said...

Love.That.Staircase! I must see IRL.
I love everything else too.
And BTW, you can borrow my yellow chair anytime.

JPAmom said...

It is beautiful!! I'm always telling my Mom about you and all your ideas. I did think the wallpaper was tile and I love the pattern. I also love the glass tile that you like and it reminds me of the beach.

Kathy@mishmashmom said...

So pretty. The minute I saw those bookshelves by the mantel, I thought, Those are awesome, but I would paint them white...and then I saw the pictures of the kitchen cabinets in the background, and then it made sense that they were black, because it kind of ties the two rooms together. What a great home that you are putting together! Congratulations!

Creative Cole said...

I LOVE to paint! Each room in my house is a different color with my "stamp" on it. :) If I lived closer, I would help you paint in a heartbeat!
Love what you have done with your house and your decorating!!

Scott Oliver said...

Can you repost or link to your recipe for Cake Batter Pancakes? My kids are dying for them and I tried a different recipe than yours that was terrible.

I search through your tags of party and recipes without success. Thank you.

Scott Oliver said...

Can you repost or link to your recipe for Cake Batter Pancakes? My kids are dying for them and I tried a different recipe than yours that was terrible.

I search through your tags of party and recipes without success. Thank you. said...

Andrea, I love your blog and all of your great ideas. I've been reading your blog for a couple of years and have used many of your ideas and printables!! I'm just wondering if you can tell me the name of the chevron fabric that you used on the chairs and pillows?

Alison Woods said...

I love it! Very beautiful!

Andrea Worley said...

Oh I love this space. Actually, I'm loving your whole home so far. Love these colors you have in here. I think I have the same sofa table you have, well it was my parents and they are brining it to me next month. I can't wait to re paint it and make it my own.

Gorgeous home Andrea!

Stacy said...

In place of that clock, I would probably go for something oval or with curved lines since the majority of the pieces on your shelves are straight and/or square. I think a good lime green color and a simple white stenciled quote, verse, or lyric.

Stacy said... is all you need.


Miss Munoz said...

Could you please tell me the paint colors you used for your walls? I love it all!!

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