Monday, September 23, 2013

The heart of the home…

The kitchen is the heart of the home.

To continue on with our house tour, here is our kitchen.

A picture tour without words.

Once again A LOT of pictures.

I want you to get the full feel of the space.


 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0289_zps00be5eba.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0290_zps7d4831ea.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0327_zps8fdec3fc.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0331_zps8c83ed06.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0332_zps34af0f04.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0312_zps61608d08.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0333_zps81112fa5.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0335_zps24754d89.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0330_zps18c74bc1.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0299_zps7d3e279f.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0295_zps3feb504a.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0298_zps2af50eb0.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0334_zps9acd4a73.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0291_zpsf1916fe2.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0340_zps52c49d54.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0329_zps2d3ab78f.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0293_zps80d0f557.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0337_zps5a096dc5.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0317_zps575c7f09.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0336_zpsec8caa9c.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0292_zpsa637945b.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0339_zpse3853827.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0296_zps365da9e5.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0301_zps746c122b.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0322_zps2b69aed9.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0341_zps9ef168ca.jpg

 photo HousetourKitchenandGreatRoom-0343_zps2d49cc9d.jpg

Yes!! we have a TV in this room.  Am I sold on it?  No.  It was here when we moved in.  I think I will move it.  This decision is up to the Hubby. 

You may have also noticed that we have a hand sanitizer dispenser in this room; also here when we moved in.  It’s going to be moved too.

Did you notice my new Be the Good print? 

Be the good 16x20

If you like this one you can find it free here.

I am sorry to say that this is the only color I will be offering.

Find more colors of the other print here.

If you have missed any of this house tour you can find more by following the links:

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Andrea Worley said...

love the kitchen tour! I really love your dark cabinets. such a pretty space.

April said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love all the molding around the doors and such. I love your table and the punches of aqua too! It looks like a room that is fun to be in.

Colleen said...

omg, first of all I am pinning it because I love it. it's absolutely gorgeous and you have made it such a welcoming space with all your punches of color. just beautiful!

fancyhope said...

Andrea, love the whole space! Where did you find the canisters next to your stove? They are the perfect size.

Bailey said...

Don't move the tv, perfect for watching Vampire diaries while cooking. Love the light fixtures over the bar, those are awesome!

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