Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Isaac’s Art Party

This year for Isaac’s 6th Birthday, he decided on an art party.

  photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0191_zps2eb69e13.jpg

It was a great choice since Isaac loves doing art.

Here is a peak at what we did:

The invite:

Isaac's 6th party copy blur

The decorations:

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0179_zpsc6df8ffa.jpg

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0180_zps52a07610.jpg

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0176_zpse7ecba40.jpg

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0181_zps2cd7599d.jpg

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0192_zpsa9d47654.jpg

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0193_zpse1a2b0b4.jpg

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0205_zpsbaa64b05.jpg

The Favors:

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0190_zpsf563839f.jpg

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0206_zps7dc76aa3.jpg

Art Aprons

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0204_zpsd46054ae.jpg

Bags decorated by the kids, with crayons, markers, and all the art and projects made inside.

Art party projects:

(many ideas found on pinterest, and I have listed the source with a photo from those sites for ideas)

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0210_zps1663e742.jpg

painting on canvas

(I bought canvases from Hobby Lobby and let the kids go to town creating; I love kid art)

This is so fun to hang in your home.

Picasso Pops


source-Picasso Pops

Homemade Moon Sand

own moon sand

source-homemade moon sand

Homemade Crayons


 source-magic crayons

Firework Art

Summer Camp-0157

source-firework art 

Decorating Favor bags for art

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0204_zpsd46054ae.jpg

decorating small bags to fill with art supplies(I found the bags at Dollar tree)

painting each other with silly string

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0217_zpsa2502998.jpg

Coffee Filter Painting


source-coffee filter painting

The Food:

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0200_zps8c51fff2.jpg

“paint chips”

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0199_zps1d833719.jpg

“creative juices”

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0188_zps383cc8cf.jpg

painters palette cupcakes

 photo IsaacsBirthdayParty-0245_zpsdbedd51c.jpg

As you can tell this was a great party. 

If you want to avoid some anxiety; I would recommend having one more helper to help with all the crafts.  These kids were also only 5 and 6.  You wouldn’t need a helper if they were older.

It was a great day, a fun party, and it brought a smile to my sweet boys face.


Colleen said...

adorable!! love this theme and all your little touches.

Eileen said...

Is it creepy that I wish I could get invited to your kids birthday parties?
I'll try to stop.
But it won't be easy.

Andrea Worley said...

This is so cute! I love the cupcakes and all the fixings! So creative. Great job with his party.

J. Peterson said...
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J. Peterson said...
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Savanna said...

I LOVE THIS! What a darling idea. I always love and admire your creativity. You are Super Mom for sure!

Anonymous said...
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J. Peterson said...
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KT said...

You always have such cute ideas that are so simple when you break them down. I think - I could do that! - if I thought of it. So cute.

Andria said...

I love this idea! My 5 year old is quite the artist, and I think she would have great fun with this. She has chosen the Octonauts as her theme for next month's birthday, but I might have to persuade her to do an art party next year for the big 7! I especially love those cupcakes palettes...awesome idea!!

Krysta McClure said...

Months later I am finally getting to checking your blog again..... and loved seeing these glimpses of my daughter in your photos! Thanks for including her in your celebrations. We love your kids! And I'd love to be your helper anytime.... :)

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