Friday, September 27, 2013

Perfection or Happiness and a few fall touches.

I sit here at my computer with heavy heart; and insecurity in my pointer finger.  Should I push the publish button on this post?

Do I share what I had planned to share today?

or do I share what is in my heart?

Today.  I have to be real and share both.

I had planned to share some of what I have been doing for fall around here.

Last night, I went to bed questioning if I would do that.

I lay there thinking once again about, “Why I blog, and what my blog portrays about me?”

Today I am going to be real with you; I have to get this off my chest before I can move forward with a fall decorating post.

I want you all to understand why I blog, why I love blogging, and what my purpose is.

I blog for 3 specific reasons:

1. First and foremost; I blog for myself. I learn more about who I am by writing and rereading what I have wrote then any hobby I have ever had.

2.  I blog for my family.  I started so our family far away could see what we were doing.  Now, I do it so my kids can have a history of our family, and what we did; in my words.

3. I blog to make friends, to learn from great women, and to hopefully inspire others with what I have learned.


The purpose of this blog is not to make you believe that I am perfect, or that I live in a perfect world.

Just so you understand why I am on my soap box about this I must share a comment that was left on my blog last night.

The comment said, “It must be exhausting being so perfect.”

The commenter left the comment, and then decided to delete it.  Little did she know that I receive emails about all comments and that can’t be deleted.  Maybe she felt like she just had to say it; and then realized it might sound hurtful.  Which it did.

It made me wonder if that is the image that I am portraying on this blog.

Am I making you think I am perfect?

Believe me when I say that is not my plan at all.

Let me tell you what I believe about perfection.

I believe there is only one way I am ever going to be perfect.  That is through my Savior.  It is through him and his redeeming love that I can be perfect.  I know that in this life, I can never ever be perfect.

I believe that my quest to be happy, may be perceived as a quest to be perfect, and for that I am sorry.  I am sorry if you have perceived my happiness this way. 

Do I want to be perfect?

Yes, I do.  I want to be perfected through my Savior; some day.

For now; I want happiness.

…and that is why I do what I do and share what I love here on my blog.

I decorate my house because it makes me happy during the process and it makes me happy to live in a space whose beauty I helped create. 

I don’t decorate my house because I want our home to look perfect; it never can because we live in it.

I exercise because it does my brain good, and I find happiness in pushing my body. 

I don’t exercise because I want the perfect body.

I plan parties for my kids because it makes them happy; and that in turn makes me happy.

I don’t plan parties that are perfect.  They are far from perfect.

I blog to share what I love.

I don’t blog to make you think I am perfect.

In fact; I blog with the intent that you know that I am real.

I am a real person who makes real mistakes.

Like yesterday when I went to the gym and totally forgot that my daughter had dance.  It broke her heart to find out I forgot about her dance class.  That in turn broke my heart… mom guilt.

…or when I was teaching 15-eight and nine year old girls how to make bread yesterday; and totally forgot where my son told me he was going to play during the process.  Then spent 15 minutes calling neighbors to find out where he had gone. 

YES!! That made me look like the crazy neighbor and mom.

So.. my purpose in this is that you know that I am real.  I make small and large mistakes.

I hope you know that what I share here is more about my happiness; and never about perfection.

Perfection is between you and God.

What I work on within my inner self, who I am striving to become, and the sins I must repent for on a daily basis; are more about striving for perfection. 

…and that kind of perfection really is more between me and my Savior.

It’s not between me and the blogging world.

Nothing I share here can be or ever will be perfect.

So if at anytime you don’t like the content of this blog, that would be a good time to find a blog whose content suits you.  I can only share what brings me happiness, because that is who I am.

On that note:

Fall bring me more happiness than any other time.

Here is how I enjoy that in my happy home:

 photo Fall-0463_zps2c2cc20e.jpg

I think that fall decorating on the outside of the home is the best place to start.

Any one can decorate for fall, by just buying pumpkins, mums and cabbages.

 photo Houseforfall2013_zps5a3f401e.jpg

In my case; buying a grundle of pumpkins, mums and cabbages.

I bought so many small pumpkins for indoor decorating, that I decided to paint some of them.

 photo Newfolder_zps536fc6af.jpg

I didn’t want the orange to take away from some of the calm colors of my home.

Painting pumpkins was so fun.  An enjoyable afternoon for sure.

 photo Newfolder-002_zpsb538f03b.jpg

Every cute pumpkin needs your kids initials on them.

 photo Fall-0461_zps0ae0de20.jpg

I got creative and added some peacock feathers to my fall décor.

   photo Fall-0441_zpsa074f109.jpg

I feel like peacock feathers and fall pumpkins look great together.

 photo Fall-0443_zps508cb1f6.jpg

I also finally got around to making my table a runner.

 photo Newfolder-001_zpsd13f80f9.jpg

I decided to make a  table runner that is layers stacked one on top of the other.  That way it is so easy to change for the seasons.  It is also a good way to keep your base color the same.  I chose a gray burlap for that.

I kept the fireplace simple; by adding a few painted pumpkins.

 photo Fall-0456_zpse0965139.jpg

Just so you realize all these painted pumpkins are real.

 photo Newfolder-004_zps9455790e.jpg

My family has to hold me back when we drive by pumpkin farms.  I really like pumpkins.  They are just so cute.

 photo Fall-0457_zpsec30edc7.jpg

Pumpkins are part of the reason I love fall.

If you came for a visit this time of year, you would leave my home with this sweet little message about Autumn.

 photo Fall-0450_zps7a0a5fb5.jpg

Which is probably so true now that I live in the most northern part of Utah; and it snowed in the mountains here yesterday.

 photo Newfolder-003_zpsa08264aa.jpg

Once again, I thank you for being here.

I thank you for reading my blog.

I thank you for adding to my happiness.


April said...

Amen!! I share all these same sentiments about why I share the things I do on my blog. No one would want to hear someone always complaining on their blog now would they?!

I am in love with all your fall decorating!! I also just noticed all the neat rocks around your front landscaping and it adds so much! I love that table runner idea so much too!

Please check out my fall decor sometime too. I only have one little area that I decorate in our home but one day I hope to have a fireplace and more room to decorate in our next home.

Marji Anderson said...

I love your pumpkins, you crack me up with all the painting of them, but it looks awesome :) sorry for the mean comment! some people! I love your blog and that I can keep up with you since you left Arkansas, Keep it up, you inspire me! Love you!

Holly said...

oh my word! I share your same love of pumpkins and now I plant my own in my garden I literally have my own pumpkin patch now and can decorate my home and porch with as many as I my little heart desires! haha! My husband teases me that we only plant our garden for the pumpkins! ;)

On a serious note, I LOVE how you blog and what you blog! Please don't ever stop blogging, when I see you have a new post up I'm SO excited! I know this is a place I can always come for inspiration! Thank you for taking the time to post and for sharing your heart, home and family with all of us! I don't pretend to think you or anyone else for that matter is perfect, but we can all look at someone else and instead of comparing our worst with their best simply take the info. that is shared and make it work for our little families or not depending on where we are at in our own little lives. Again Andrea- THANK YOU for sharing yourself with us. I am always truly inspired! :)

Meredith said...

I've followed your blog for awhile now and I've found such happiness here. I'm sorry that someone would try to hurt you through the anonymity of the internet. Reading about your family and your journey, even your religion (I don't share the same religion as you, but we have similar beliefs) and the way you are as a mom, has blessed me in so many different ways! I love the way that you blog and wanted to send you some encouragement that your writing, even if only for yourself, sometimes touches other people right where God is trying to speak to them. Thank you for sharing with us!

Alisa Hillan said...

This is my first time commenting. I'm from Littleton, Co and I found your blog a little while ago. I just want you to know that I think you are DARLING! You are very talented and inspire me on a daily basis. I am also LDS and get the whole happiness journey.

You are a wonderful mother and wife and I can tell that you are a force of good.

Jen said...

Your blog inspires me to be better. I love your style of decorating (which is not one of my strengths.) And I love the holiday traditions you share. My family is small and we are still making and starting new traditions. Your blog reminds me of just how important they are. Thank you for keeping things real and sharing both your ups & downs!

Kari said...

I think it's great that you take the time to share your ideas!

Life is difficult enough with trials, change, illness, stress, etc., that everyone needs an escape or way to cope and find joy and happiness among the chaos and disappointments that come along with the journey. You just happen to have the willingness and courage to share what makes you happy with others! Good job! You should be proud of yourself!

Amanda Sheppard said...

Thank you for being real. Thank you for your inspirational words, pictures, and giving me the itching desire to start REALLY decorating our house.

Oh and by the way, you have an A B S O L U T E L Y gorgeous home. I showed pictures to my husband and he said, "we need that house".

Happy Fall.

Tiffany said...

I think you're wonderful, and very real. I love your blog and look up to you a lot. (I'm a few years behind you in motherhood, so I love learning from you!)

Colleen said...

Well, I am sorry that someone made that insensitive comment to you. I'd be upset as well. I don't like it when people assume that you do things for the way it looks rather than for the way it makes you feel. I could not agree more with many of the things you wrote here. My blog is my "happy" place and the place to share our memories and the things we are doing in life. I hope that someday my children will read our blog as well as the scrapbooks I have made. We do what makes us happy! It should always be that way.

I love your painted pumpkins!!! Such cute colors. I love fall too!

Teresa said...

I'm fairly new to your blog, but I've enjoyed what I've seen so far. I find that social networking (is that what blogging, twitter and facebook fall under?) is a tricky thing. I stopped doing facebook some time ago, (in part) because I found that I was comparing myself to the neat things others were doing and it made me feel bad that I didn't measure up. (Of course I DID measure up in my own way!) Maybe that's where the "exhausted" comment came from. Maybe the person who left it is herself exhausted.

I enjoy the ideas you share, especially the thrifty ones. And one of my favorite things is taking a peek inside homes to see how they are decorated. You are generous to share as much as you do. I'm glad that it brings you joy.

Love the pumpkins. And something about the chevron pumpkin reminds me of Charlie Brown. This is such a fabulous and fun time of year!

Sally LoveOfHomes said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! Thank you so much for sharing, I love your house tours, recipes, party ideas & your thoughts....keep blogging the way you do, those are the same reasons I enjoy blogging too!

Scott Oliver said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Leslie Posey said...

this is to Scott Oliver!!! I would greatly appreciate it if you kept your negative comments to yourself. I know Andrea very well and if you knew her you would be removing your foot from your large mouth!! Andrea has lived in a place across the world where she didn't even have running water...maybe if you read all of her blog posts you would know about that! Her husband went through medical school and they have always lived very frugally because money was tight..if you haven't lived the life of partner in medical school don't open your mouth! Im a bit upset at the way you are betraying a great friend, mom, wife and person overall!! Her husband just finished all of his medical school, residency, and fellowship and now they are finally able to enjoy a few things in life that they were never able to enjoy before because money was tight!! This family deserves EVERYTHING they have..they have been blessed beyond material things which is what matters to her. This girl is an amazing person inside and out!! She uplifts people, she is a great example of how we should all be, and she puts her family first. And yes missing her daughters dance class is a big deal because its her child and her children are her life! Who ever wants to disappoint their children!? My heart is beating hard b/c you have been so negative to this person that you don't know but I do and you are SOOOOO WRONG about her!! I would suggest to you to take her blog off of your account or whatever so that your negative commments don't hurt another person! Again if you knew Andrea you would be ashamed of what you have said! She does have a beautiful house and beautiful kids and she has EARNED it 100%.

The Ford Family said...

People are going to hate. It is always like that. If they don't like what you are blogging about, they don't have to read it. If they choose to read and then leave negative feedback that is their problem, not theirs. They obviously have nothing better to do. If the topics on your blog make you happy and fulfill your goals in regard to what you want your blog to be, then no one else matters.

The Ford Family said...

^^ their problem,not yours. Oops.

ChicChat said...

I have followed your blog for years. I love your blog. It is very inspirational. Thank you for sharing your journey with the rest of us. make me want to try harder to be better!

Laura Freeman said...

I'm so sorry you received such a message. But rest assured it says nothing about you, but everything about them, upon reading the message, I would think the commenter maybe has low self esteem or think they aren't as good, but instead of trying to make themselves better, they attack people who portray a perfect lifestyle.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all too guilty of reading certain blogs and thinking to myself 'Wow, their lifestyle, house, parties etc are perfect', but never would I personally send such a message in an offensive and insulting way.

You're painted pumpkins are a fab idea xx

KA Roll said...

I found your website this summer when we were going through a rough time with our little one. It inspires me. I was so sad when you didn't post this summer much. We are all human. It is just fun to see the happy things you are doing. Keep posting - it makes a lot of us happy.

Emily said...

Here's the deal... I've been following your blog for a long time now and what you've shown me through your posts is that your life has been a process. You haven't always been where you're at now. Life has gotten better along the way and with all the hard work you and your husband have put in, it is refreshing to see that you're now living a more comfortable lifestyle. The #1 reason I like your blog is for your organization tips. You've helped me take out a lot of the chaos in my life. The bonus is I LOVE your style and how you decorate. For those negative people (SCOTT AND ANONYMOUS) they are not in a good place--financially or spiritually... That is not YOUR fault. Your 10% is helping out A LOT of people who are suffering in this world and you should feel very good about that. I don't doubt for a minute that you are void from trials in your life, but that is not what your blog is about. I strongly believe that because of your values about religion, marriage, and family, you've been blessed. I don't have a fancy house, but I don't feel like you shouldn't because I don't... I also don't feel like I need to belittle or make you feel small for it. Instead, I have learned that I can make my modest home really beautiful on a budget. You talk A LOT about budgeting money... Maybe if these Debbie Downers did the same, they could live more comfortably... It's not about how much money you have, but about how you spend it and how much money you save... When we live under our means, we don't have that anxiety or pressure. If you're not where you want to be, take a look in the mirror and figure out what changes need to be made in your life. NEVER try to make changes in SOMEONE ELSE'S life!!! **jumping off soap box** Keep doing what you're doing Andrea, for me if not for anyone else! Ha! ;)

Scott Oliver said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Scott Oliver said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Creative Cole said...

Ditto to all you said. That #3 reason you posted is why I am so drawn to your blog. I am glad to know you!
You have touched so many lives.

You know, I was thinking about what you said and this is my thought on it. YOU are very talented, beautiful and well rounded. You are strong in the gospel.
I was recently thinking about my talents and gifts lately as sometimes people give me an overwhelming amount of compliments "perfect" comparison and it makes me sad, flattered, makes me think "are they comparing themselves to me? yet do they see all the talents they have?" etc.
Anyway, in prayer and thought I have learned that I am here to bless the lives of others. To use my talents to bless the lives of others. It fulfills me, it gives me happiness and I know I am being a hand in HF work.
I think you and I are very similar (I am sorry, I know I keep saying that) and I relate to everything you say. And in that case, I think you too are here to bless the lives of many.
Some people might feel threatened or not good enough in comparison, but someday-through Christ like you said...we all can be perfect.
I find joy in the fact that everyone has different talents, different capabilities. Also, I have learned that everyone has their problems.
I am not saying all this to "tell" you, because I am sure you already know & feel this. But just to share how I feel :)
But everyone having their own problems...for example, I am sure you cleaned your house before you took all those beautiful pictures. Whose house doesn't get messy with kids?!
I think you are wonderful and I am sure the lady who posted that comment is also wonderful in her own way-but maybe doesn't see it or feel it as confidently as you do.
Thank you for being you and for all your posts that brighten my day.
If you want you can add a #4 to the list...#4: it brightens Nicole's day.

And by the way...LOVE the painted pumpkins!!! Love the great ideas you give and creative inspiration!

Pam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scott Oliver said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
melanie liljenquist said...


I am so Sorry there are negative people out there. Please know that you are a great example to others and I love Your Blog. I think You are an amazing Wife, Mother, and Friend. Sometimes people are just jealous. You are amazing. Keep up the good work I think you are Inspiring.

julie said...

I love your blog, you are a breath of fresh air in this, sometimes, insane world!
I didn't see the negative comments. I know it can be hard to ignore cruel remarks made by strangers. People can say mindless stuff to hurt and try to destroy others. We have to rise above such petty hatreds,'that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger'.
No you're not perfect, none of us are, but we can strive to improve our lives by choosing the good, and you do. Your blog always offers such a positive outlook and is family oriented, which is a wonderful thing.
You inspire and help others just by being you, through all your faults, mistakes and forgetfulness!
How could we ever hope to make the right choices and live a good life, if we hadn't gone through the hardships and curve balls life has a habit of throwing us all.
Keep blogging Andrea, we really appreciate all the effort and time it takes, and I haven't even mentioned what a brilliant photographer you are too! Your #1 fan Julie x

Heather L. said...

I don't think you come across as trying to be "perfect" at all. I think you are very real and down to earth and I love reading your blog. Don't let negative people bother you!

The Small Bevell Bunch said...

I LOVE your blog.. I feel like I've learned so much from you! You are a very real down to earth person! I only wish I had your energy but you inspire me to be and do better. I also LOVE your house and decorating style, you have worked hard and deserve to just enjoy your family and what you are blessed with!

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

Oh Andrea...Look at all the LOVE! All the ladies you inspire including myself! There will always be are handling it so well, I am very sorry others forget to we are all just trying to do our best in this difficult life...I always look forward to checking your blog and LOVE seeing all your wonderful ideas and posts! I am so very happy for where you and yours are, you have come through so very much, been through heck and back and deserve all the happiness you seek in this life and the next...
Thank you for your friendship and inspiration...Miss you Gorgeous! Oh I love all the pumpkins supper cute!

KW said...

Hurt people, hurt people.

Love you even if you "fart glitter"

Whitney said...

shoot I missed the drama. I'm sure it was good. ha. Love your blog. Haters gunna hate!

Michaela Anne said...

Love your blog!! You are blessed in many ways and those who don't see that or understand it speak the negative comments simply out of jealousy. I too blog for my myself, my family and my children. Its therapy for me and I enjoy it. Thank you for sharing :)

KT said...

I remember when you lived here in Kansas and you would do the same thing you do now. You'd take three things that cost like - $2 or were free and make the most amazing things. You make everywhere you live beautiful.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Heather said...

Andrea! Thanks for keeping it real. It breaks my heart that someone felt the need to write that post - but something in them made them delete it. Thank you for sharing your ideas, creativity, thoughts, and mistakes :) You inspire me and I think that has a positive impact on my little life. Thanks for what you do and may we all pray and think of those who may be struggling in other ways.

katie@tulsadetails said...

I think you just have talent and there is nothing wrong with sharing your gift! You'd be doing us all a disservice to edit what you do.

I know it's hard to hear comments like that. I'm sure that person is having a hard time in their life and you were the recipient of their own sadness/insecurities.

I've always loved reading about your beautiful family and know you're an awesome mom! Xo!

Krysta McClure said...

This was a perfect post, Andrea. Just keep doing what your doing. We all are trying to do our best. You are a beautiful, REAL person! So happy to know you!

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