Monday, January 2, 2012

Year in Review; Picture Style {Part two}

To see {Part One} January to June click here.

July to December:

July 2011 copy

Fourth of July celebration in Arkansas, Dad build’s a fort for the kiddos, Utah for the rest of the summer, camping at the KOA, Pioneer Day celebration in Utah, fun with cousins and family.

August 2011 copy

Wrap up our Utah summer at a family reunion with the Swenson's and celebrate Stella’s seventh birthday with all 18 cousin's, Kids go back to school, Ike starts pre-school, Jex turns nine, and Isaac turns four.

September 2011 copy

Enjoying the warm autumn days, Chick-fil-A brought to school  by mom on Grandparent’s day,  Grandma and Grandpa visit and we take them to Hot Springs.

October 2011 copy

Isaac’s book parade at school, Isaac has a sick day, baby Ruby is born, we wear red for baby Ruby, mommy goes to be with the Warburton’s and baby Ruby, Grandpa Fred passes away on October 22nd(Tessa’s second birthday which I am not home to celebrate), Ruby passes away on October 26th, Grandpa's funeral is on the 27th(mommy has to speak), after two weeks away mommy goes home to celebrate Halloween.

November 2011 copy

This month is all things Tessa, I think I missed her while I was gone, we finally celebrate her birthday, we make cookies, she falls in love with the movie Tangled, wants to sleep in Stella’s big girl bed, and we celebrate Thanksgiving.

December 2011 copy

All things Christmas: lights, letters, gifts, and pajamas, Tessa gets a big girl bed, we host a friend Christmas party, we wake up to a little bit of snow, and capturing the routine of Daddy combing Tessa’s hair after her bath(that is daddy’s job at our house.)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for reading our blog.


Krysta said...

I can't believe how quickly the last part of this year went. It's such a blur. I miss you guys already!

julie said...

Love all your photos, you sure packed a lot of 'stuff' into one year! Happy new year :)

julie said...

Love all your photos, you sure packed a lot of 'stuff' into one year! Happy new year :)

julie said...

Oooops don't know what happened there!

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