Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years… Year in Review; Picture style {Part one}

The New Year brings so many thoughts and possibilities into my little head.  I have already begun to reflect on what this year might bring for our family. 

In doing so, I also went back and wanted to remember what 2011 brought to us.  I love going back and looking through our pictures.  I love seeing how the kids have grown and changed.  Pictures are the best tool for this.  Photos can bring back smells, thoughts, conversations, and a flood of memories. I think that is part of the reason I have always loved photos and scrapbooking.

I decided to make some collages of each month in 2011.  I needed one last reminder of how blessed I was this year. 

A reminder of our blessings is a great way to begin anew.

Here is 2011 for the Swensons Part one {January- June}.

Warning: lots of pictures.  A month in photo collages via Rebecca Cooper at Simple as that.

January 2011 copy

Snow days, letter writing, and New Years with the Moes family.

February 2011 copy

Valentines photos, a visit with my mom and sisters, and nights spent hanging out as a family.

March 2011 copy

Jex winner of the pinewood derby, golf lessons, trip to Great Wolf Lodge, hot muggy days at the baseball park, and feeding Tracy’s calves.

April 2011 copy

Isaac breaks his arm and has surgery, Easter Sunday, more baseball, and Kenny Chesney concert with friends.

May 2011 copy

Nice spring days and some hot summer ones mixed in, more baseball games, the comfort of home, signing Isaac’s cast, Stella’s dance recital,  and Stella learns to ride a bike.

June 2011 copy

Visit with the Moes family: picking blackberries, family pictures and fun.  Moes family comes to Arkansas: snowcones and a trip downtown.  Stella learns to sew, kids start their summer journals, enjoying the kids out of school, Father’s day, and baseball games.

This was such a fun trip down memory lane.  It helped me remember how blessed I am with good friends, a wonderful family, and many memories.

Stay tuned for more…  {Part two} July to December.



Simply Domestic said...

I love the collages! That is a wonderful idea. Happy New Year!

Baileys said...

Such a good idea! Those are great highlights. Love the collages.

Krysta said...

It's fun to go down memory lane with all of your pictures. You always do such a great job!

Krysta said...

It's fun to go down memory lane with all of your pictures. You always do such a great job!

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