Monday, October 3, 2011

A little project for the kids.

Last year, I let the kids make some bats out of scrapbook paper.  I used a cereal box to make several bats as a pattern.  Once we had a good sturdy pattern, they traced and cut.  It was a great activity one October afternoon.  Once we were finished, we added some ribbon and hung them from our lattice above the bar.  I wish I had a picture, but I don’t. 

This year, I took those same bats from last year and helped them fly.  I added a straight pin to the center, and let them creep up the wall in our office.

office 2

I love how fun it made our office look.  I only wish that they were out of black cardstock, and not pattern paper.

So… tonight for our Family Home Evening activity, we are going to make black bats. 

Want to do the same?

Here is a bat to print and use as a pattern.

Then all you need is a cereal box to create your sturdy pattern, some scissors, and some willing kids.


Once you have them all cut out, let the kids help you decide where to put them.  Use a straight pin in the center of the bat to attach them to the wall.  This makes the bat look like it is flying.  Once you take the straight pin out, you won’t even see the hole it left in your wall.  That is the beauty of using a pin.

Have fun and enjoy the night with your family.


JW said...

Fun idea! They look super cute there.

JW said...

Whoops that was written by Kristin, I am sure you figured that out.

Marji said...

is it bad if i just cut them out on my silhouette and pretend like my kids did it? if they did the cutting it wouldn't look like bats :)

Krysta said...

So fun! I made ours and love them.

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