Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hot Springs Arkansas

Mom and Dad

My parents recently came for a visit.  While I was staying with them in Utah, my dad told me that they were coming to Arkansas for the food.  The pressure was on to either cook really good, or to find some great restaurants. (I let the restaurants do the cooking.)

I also wanted to do something fun with them while they were here.  I remembered that Hot Springs had some interesting history, and attractions.  We decided to take the 40 minute drive to Hot Springs. 

Before we left, I called my friend Marji to ask her a recommendation to a restaurant.  She suggested a couple, and so we decided we would pick one once we got there.  Marji grew up in Arkansas, and loves good food as much as my family.  I knew she would have some good suggestions, and I totally trusted her.


Once we got to Hot Springs, we were immediately drawn to this hotel.  It is so awesome inside.  I remembered my friend telling me that she had her reception there for her wedding.  She also went on to tell me that they stayed for their Honeymoon night.  I replied, “uh-huh.”  Thinking to myself, “what is the Arlington, and what is all the hype?”  Now I know.  It is awesome.  I want to stay there one night before we leave Arkansas.

Bath house DSC_0160

Just down from the Arlington, is what is called bath house row.  Hot Springs is known for their Hot Springs.  Imagine that.  At one time, people believed the water to have healing powers.  People came from all over to bath in the healing water.  That facilitated the need for bath houses.  There are still a few bath houses that operate today, and several that you could tour.

All of the buildings are awesome on the outside.

bldg 2

This one was so cool on the inside.




I can only imagine how important you had to feel to walk in to one of these buildings, and use their healing waters.  This was something that the elite did.  Including a few well-known Gangsters.

hot springs 2 

I loved all the beautiful trees that lined the streets.  I think I just found my next photo shoot location.

hot springs 1 DSC_0152

Isaac and Tess enjoyed the tour, and just hanging out with grandma and grandpa.  They were shocked when they touched the water, and it was HOT!  …and I mean really hot.

Tess 3 Ike

After our nice walk, we decided to hit the restaurant that Marji suggested.  We picked Cajun Boilers.  When we pulled up, I got a little nervous.  Then my dad pointed out all the fancy Cadillac's in the parking lot and we decided that it must be ok.

…and it was.  It was delicious and so reasonable. 

My parents loved it so much, that we decided to go back. 

On our second trip, we pulled the kids out of school.  We really wanted to take them to ride the duck tour.  Duck’s are the old vehicles that the army used.  They are land and water vehicles.  We were able to hear more about Hot Springs history, and then see some of the beautiful houses on Lake Hamilton up close and personal.  The duck took us right down in to the water.  The kids thought that was awesome.  Of course, I forgot my camera.  What was I thinking?

After the duck tour, we went back to Cajun Boilers for lunch.  What?  When you find something you love you should just stick to it.

We had such a nice time with my parents.  It was fun to have an excuse to visit Hot Springs.


I can’t wait to go back.

Scrapbook Pages:

Hot Springs with mom and dad copy

Hot Springs with mom and dad 2 copy

Scrapbook pages made from Shabby Princess-Plentiful pack.  This pack is free.  Find it here.


Marji said...

i'm so glad your parents loved Hot Springs and Cajun's, now I'm craving it and will have to go there soon! I can't believe you forgot your camera on the Duck tour! I was looking forward to those pictures :) remind me to tell you my "fountain" story, it is hilarious :)

KW said...

Wow, that looks like a cool place to visit. We all know mom and dad are about good restaurants so glad it yummy. I just used that same scrapbook kit yesterday for my scrapbook pages too, how funny.

Krysta said...

I'm glad you had so much fun and found a great resturant. I agree, once you find something yummy like that just stick with it!

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