Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Chalkboards

Here is a fun little project, I thought you all might enjoy.  BONUS!!! it is cheap.

Do you remember when I made these chore charts?

Stella's Chore Chart copy

Remember how I used Dollar store trays?

Well, we are done with those chore charts at our house, so I recycled them.

I took the dollar store trays, a little chalkboard spray paint, and made myself some magnetic chalkboards.

Want to see?


I know I need to change the number.  I will get right on that.

I also made this one by adding this owl that I found here. 

owl 2

Once I printed it, I ripped it, and added some ink to age the edges some. I attached it with some watered down glue.  I wrote the Boo with some chalk.  The other print was also printed at the graphics fairy, and hung using a magnet.

I love being able to write whatever I want on it, and use it as a magnet board also.

And last but not least, this one hangs just outside our front door.

broom parking 

All the witches who visit this Halloween will now know our parking situation.  I think that is an important piece of information to share this time of year.  Just sayin.

Want to make one yourself?  Well, you are in luck, because I made you a printable.

Broom Parking

Click here to download the image.

It is a little different from mine, because I forgot to save it.  I actually like this one better.

Thanks to the graphic’s fairy for the image of the witch; found here.

BTW, how did your bats turn out?

Bats 3

Ours look great.  I cheated and had my friend cut them on her silhouette.

Bats 2

We got so busy watching this movie and this movie for FHE, that there was not time.  Enjoy!!  They are great lessons for kids. I have to admit they were also good reminders for me.

We also watched this one for the hundredth time because it makes everyone laugh. 

And now you know what makes our family smile.  We love to watch silly youtube videos.

I hope your day is wonderful.  Mine has been busy, but fun.

Happy Halloween crafting.


Marji said...

i noticed your chalkboards the other day-love it! i'll have to copy you! Thanks for the printable-it is awesome!

Brunson's said...

Cute. Are the trays plastic or metal so I know what to look for? Thanks for sharing!

katrina ubell said...

Hi there! Pretty late to the party here. ;) Expecting a baby later this year so already have Halloween decorations on the brain, cuz I won't have much time later! Anyway, I've been wanting to make the one hour broom parking for a while now. I finally have my tray all chalkboard painted-up and am ready to download the the file but it says that the file was moved and isn't available anymore. Is there any chance that that could be reposted? I'd totally appreciate it!!

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