Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Wreath


I wanted to share this quick and easy Halloween wreath.  I seriously made it in 5 minutes, if you don’t count that I had to make it twice. 

The first time I made it, I made it with some friends.  We decided to try this idea that we found on pinterest.  Don’t do itIt does not work!!  Everyone of our wreaths started to sag, and we all made a different wreath.

So… a few days later I started over. 

This time I used a straw wreath for the base.  They can be found at Hobby Lobby.  I got mine for $2.00 because it was 1/2 off.

I wrapped the wreath in 3 black boa’s; also bought from Hobby Lobby.  I used a coupon on these.  I had to make a couple of trips until I had all that I needed.  Yes!! I am cheap that way.


The wooden numbers also came from the Lob.  I spray painted them black, and while they were still wet; I sprinkled them with some glitter that I had on hand.

I used a wooden skewer glued to the back of the numbers to stick the numbers in the wreath.

wreath 2

I finished the wreath off with a spider from the dollar tree, and these adorable butterflies that I happened upon at Michaels.

This was the easiest wreath ever, and I love how it looks on my front door.

front 2

It is amazing what a little hot glue can do.  BTW, I used a low temp glue gun and I am so glad I did.  When I had to take the first one apart, it didn’t ruin my boa’s.

Thanks for stopping by. 

I hope your weekend is spooktacular.

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Marji said...

love it :) I saw a feather one at target that cost $40, i think-way to go!glad you got your messed one apart-mine is in the trash :(

Stephanie said...

What a fun idea! I might have to copy this.

To The Moon and Back said...

Spooky! what a great idea!

Krysta said...

I love everything about it. You might see one on my door. :) It's so cute. I love all of the different textures. My friend Michelle used that same tutorial and had to redo her wreath too.

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