Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July at the Henderson’s in Scrapbook pages

I am attempting to scrapbook as it happens.  I am tired of being behind, so I am taking control and scrapbooking in the now.  I will catch up later.  I will share what I scrapbook, as I do it.  I plan to make the pages before I post about it, but that doesn’t always happen.  Feel free, to save them for ideas for your own scrapbook pages.  I hope this encourages you to record your memories some how.  It is so important to be a record keeping people.  Our history is what connects our past with the future.

For more information about how I scrapbook go here.

(I just switched to Photoshop CS5.  I found that I still use elements for scrapbooking.  It is still easier for me.  I use CS5 for photography.)

Most of the scrapbook products you see here came from:

Shabby Miss Jen

and Carina Gardner at Jessica Sprague

To read about our Fourth of July at the Henderson’s visit here.

Tessa at the Hendersons 1 copy

Tessa at the Hendersons 2 Copy copy

Fourth of July at the Hendersons 1 copy

Fourth of July at the Hendersons 2 copy

Cotton Candy copy

Cotton Candy 2 copy


KW said...

I am SO behind on scrapbooking. That's a good idea to scrapbook as it happens, but my mind sometimes doesn't like going out of order. I will have to think about if I can handle that.

Stella said...

I am not into scrapbooking but I love to look stunning LO's like these. They are stunning.

Maybe I'll give it a try; you sure inspired me.....

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