Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day 2011

This year seems to be a repeat of last January.  Last year, about this time, we were:

warm by the fire

as the kids were subjected to a snow day, and so sadly did not have to go to school.  Yeah Right!! It is time to party.  We got two more snow days this year.  We have been the recipients of an Artic Blast.

Artic Blast

Luckily the roads were bad enough that Jonathan got to stay home also.  It started snowing on Sunday afternoon.  We happened to be at the Bradford’s, and when we decided to leave there was not even an inch of snow on the roads.  When we got to our exit, the only main road that leads to our neighborhood was so backed up that we new we were not making it home.  We did not know when we would get home.  We went back to the Bradford’s, and let me tell you it was a little scary.  There are some crazy winter drivers here in the South.  We are experts you know, we grew up in Utah.   (wink wink)  

winter table

Luanne’s outdoor table starting to get covered.

Around 6:00 we decided to give it a go again.  The roads were worse, but there were less drivers, and we were finally able to get off the exit and up the street to our neighborhood.  Unfortunately, we live on the steepest hill in Arkansas and there was no way were were getting up it.  We are so grateful for our neighbor who bought a 4x4 truck this year.  He was able to come and pick us up, and the little blue van had to wait near the entrance to our neighborhood.  We were so grateful to be home.

Today is Tuesday, and here we still sit and enjoy one more snow day.  Do you want to see what we did?

WARNING:  Picture overload, but if you don’t like it then I might advise you not to read my blog; it is always picture overload here at J & A and Co.

Well first of all, we had to find enough snow gear for everyone.


Lets just say that made a little mess.

Once bundled, the kids mainly just had their mouths full of the soft fluffy snow.  The couldn’t get enough, and I didn’t have to feed the kids.

eating snow

The kiddos enjoyed building a snow man with Jonathan, or as we like to call him “Blockhead”.  He used a rubber maid container to pack it down and build it with.  I really like his look, and have been thinking about making my own headband out of deer antlers.


build together  daddy 1

Jex build  Jex buid 2

work together

Isaac collage

I enjoyed taking pictures of the kids, and always love the way it looks with the crisp white background, reflection from the snow, and even a bit of sun.

Tessa CR

Tess and Dad CR

Stella CR

Jex cr

Isaac CR

After our finger felt like they would fall off there was only one thing left to do; give the kids pedi’s and make cookies.

Isaac pedi

It has been a two great days of  movies, popcorn, wrestling and laughter.  I decided if the kids get some days off then so do I.  I refrained from my normal Monday cleaning, and though I have stayed on top of the messes; I have really enjoyed being home with out many responsibilities.

Here’s to wishing tomorrow was a snow day also.  However, it is not; time to get back to the normal every day grind.

Peace and blessings of warmth your way.

and as promised my 2 scrapbook pages to go along with our Snow day.

Winter Snow day 2011 copy

Winter Snow day 2011 2 copy


Tara said...

What fun! Can I just say that Tess is just about the cutest thing I've ever laid eyes on (how in the world are you going to keep from giving her everything little thing she might ever want?!). Looks like you've had a wonderful wonderful winter so far. I love your layouts!

Roxanne said...

snow days are fun but 2 was a little much for me. having your hubby home was probably the best part, huh!!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh! That is A TON of snow! Fun for you guys! It's nice to have snow make an appearance once a year or so . . . more that that is just OVERKILL. :)

BTW, Isaac has the worlds longest, curliest eyelashes I've decided. :) What a cutie.

KW said...

Wow, you did go from pretty nice weather to pretty cold. We still have a TON here and it is bitter cold. Looks like you made the most out of your snow day though.

Dave and Lindsay said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN!! It really takes me back to being a kid, I am excited to experience things like that with my own!

Eileen said...

Can I be part of your family? Please.

Krysta said...

I can't believe how much snow you guys got! I love all the pictures. It looks like so much fun. Great memories!

melissa said...

Geez! I didn't know things like that happened in Arkansas. Looks like it does here. I love the pic of Isaac; those eyelashes! Loves to all!

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