Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year… A New List.

I have been thinking about my new list for the last month.  Really thinking about what my goals are for this year.  When I think about what it is that I want out of this year in particular, the one goal that comes to mind is to:


It is so important to continuously work on becoming better.  This year I want to make a constant effort to do that.  After much thought and contemplation, I have come up with a list that I think will help me do so.

I am scattering my list with some of our New Year pictures.  We spent the New Year with our good friends the Moes Family in their home town of:


It was a blast.  We spent some time at the Children’s Museum ringing in the New Year at noon.  Painting a few rooms, decorating a few rooms, and lots of girls chats.  We did fireworks, pedicures, had yummy homemade wings, and the kids played until their little eyes could not stay open any longer.  The daddies even worked in 18 holes of golf.  It was a great weekend.  So fun that Jex and Stella sobbed uncontrollably for 45 minutes on our way home.  Jex even got tears in his eyes today when he told me, “this time was the most memories time for me.”  What a cute way to put his feelings into words.  We love you Moes family.

Mid-day Countdown

Now on to the pictures of a great weekend, and my Better Me list.

Kaylee Bubbles    girls bubbles

I will become better if I can remember to just let it be.  What I mean by let it be is; letting go of the little things that really don’t matter.  This year, I am completely happy with my house; I don’t want to waste my time making new things or buying new things.  I want to enjoy it the way it is.  I want to let it be, and spend my time elsewhere.  I am feeling satisfied with what I have, and I want to avoid those thoughts of  wanting more.  It means letting the messes around me go so I can stop and enjoy what is really going on around me.  It also means letting go of the little things that my kids do to annoy me; letting them be themselves.  If I can remember to let it all be this year, I truly believe that the other goals on my list will be more likely to be achieved.  That is why it is at the top of my list.

Drew cr

I will become a better me if I can remember to see the world through my children’s eyes.

Tess cr

I will become better if I can have a little more patience.  I need to learn patience with my kids.  I also need to learn patience when I want something, and more patience with my kids.  Did I say that already?  I am going to try less yelling and more whispering.  I will let you know how that goes.

A little Spin

I will become better if I drink more water and less soda.  When my water consumption is more then my soda consumption, I think I will be happy.

new years

I will be a better me if I continue to learn more about photography, and take the time to create the pictures that I dream about.  I hope to become less intimidated and really do what I want to do instead of thinking I don’t have time or thinking I can’t.  I really want to give things a try.  If I fail, at least I tried.

lights outside at Krystas  tree lights  mirror

isn’t Krysta’s house cute during Christmas?

I will become better if I get out of bed to exercise.  I hate how I feel when my kids are up and going and I have to find time to squeeze in Pilates or a run; to much guilt.  I know a stupid thing to feel guilty about, but it really is better to just get it done first thing.


I will be a better me with the help of my Heavenly Father, and using prayer to ask for help.  I also hope to pray more with my kids and spouse.

Tess 1    Tess 2

These photos were taken by Krysta.  You can visit her photography site here.

I will be a better me if I find more time to scrapbook.  It is one of the hobbies that I love.  I have let other things take the place of that, and I want to get it back.

Krysta and Ady    Stella and Tess

I will be a better me if I stop what I am doing and give love and comfort to my family.  I get so wrapped up in what I am doing at times that I forget that my family needs me.  I even find ways to put them off.  Are you judging me?  I know you do this too.  ha ha.  I really do want to stop.  I think that love and comfort can heal all wounds, finishing the dishes doesn’t.

Girls pedi   Unexpected friends   J pedi

I will be a better me if I can find more time for a little service.  In that respect, I will also be a better me if I can learn to say no when it just doesn’t work.


I will be a better me and more then anything my family will be better if I serve less convenience foods and more homemade yummies.  I really want to sit down and have dinner together 4 nights a week.  I want those 4 meals to be homemade.  I really believe in the role that a homemade meal with your family can serve in a child’s life.

Drew sparkler    Clean up

photos taken by Krysta

Thanks for listening to my list.  I don’t think that I will perfect all of these, but I do believe that if I try to work on them I will be better by the end of 2011 and…. that is all I can ask for.


KW said...

That been my theme this year too. Be a better me than yesterday and patience, patience, patience. I need to have patience the way the Lord has patience with me.

Roxanne said...

I think patience is on everyones mind. I know i need more. It's sad to say the older I get the crankier I get. My grandma is so bitter and my mom is on her way to the bitterness I want to break the cycle. I hope I can!!

Simply Domestic said...

What a beautiful list! I was just telling someone today that I felt so guilty that I didn't get my workout in. I even tried to make my guilt go away with chocolate! Ha! Didn't help! I hope you will share your wings recipe. They look wonderful! Happy New Year!

Brunson's said...

I love all of them. A lot could apply in my own life. Here is to a Happy New Year! I love all your pictures.

Krysta said...

I LOVED that post!!! All I can say is diddo to everything you wrote. It was like you took the words right out of my mouth. I was working on my list tonight and all of those things are on mine too. I love how you summed it up to being a better you. Perfect! Thank you for always being such a great example to me. It was fun to see those pictures mixed in with your post. I wish you guys were here still. Seriously...when you move, can't we just live in your basement? I'll clean your house for free...maybe. :)

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