Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or treat…

Smell my feet.

Don’t you just love Halloween?

I do.  It is a product of my upbringing.  Sometimes Halloween was bigger then Christmas.  I am quite fond of the holiday, and would say that I think it is just as magical as Christmas.  In a different sort of way.

I love making Halloween costumes for my kids.  I think it is so much fun to have something unique and different.  I enjoy coming up with something, and knowing that I don’t have to buy it at the store.

This is what we came  up with this year.

Jex. aka; vampire bat.

Jex bat

Made from a black shirt, and a black umbrella.

Jex full

Stella and Tessa. aka; owls.

owl girls

Made from a brown towel, felt and odds and ends in my fabric bin.

owl closeup Tess

Stella Owl 2

Stella owl close

Skirt tutorial found here.  The t-shirt was something I designed in Photoshop and printed on transfer paper to be ironed on.

Stella owlTessa owl

Isaac. aka; Frankenstein or as Isaac likes to say Francomstein.

Isaac Frank


His costume was made by Grandma Lorene for Jex when he was 3.  Both of the boys have been enamored with Frankenstein at this age.  All because of this book.

Mad frankenstien

The kids loved getting all dressed up.  We finally got it right after the third time.


We were grateful that our city took a vote and decided to trick or treat on Saturday.

On Friday evening the kids had a party with some of Jex’s classmates; at the Buck house.

Costumes and friends

I love how creative all the costumes were.

Here they are ready to bob for apples.

Apple bobbing 

On Saturday, we got all dressed up and went out to trunk or treat, and then to trick or treat.family 2

Nana. aka Jonathan’s new girlfriend had a little shin-dig at her house, and then we walked their neighborhood begging for candy.

Lu and J

Has it ever seemed a little odd?   Such a strange ritual, but so magical all at the same time.

trick or treat

Trick or treat 2

I think the only time I would dare go door to door asking for some candy is if I was completely not myself.

Halloween Magic 

I think I can only beg for candy when I don’t look like Andrea.  It is a good thing I am witch tonight.

I enjoy being something totally different then who I really am.  Cause I am never a witch.(wink wink)  Don’t believe me? You should ask my hubby and kids, I am always on my best behavior.  Especially when I am trying to get five people dressed for Halloween?  Is that ever a stress for anyone else?  I love the holiday, but the hard part is getting everyone ready for it.

It totally makes up for it when we are out on the streets with a whole bunch of people who are pretending to be something they are not.


Nana’s neighborhood was very busy this year.  It made it even more magical.


We saw some crazy crazy characters.

Everyone has such a great imagination.

There is this one house in Nana’s neighborhood.  The one house that my kids talk about all year long.  It is always creepy, with scary looking monsters lurking about.  Like a small haunted house.  If you walk through, you always get a big candy bar so it is totally worth it.

This year they had a carnival theme with creepy clowns.


On our second trip back to the creepy house, we had taken a hay ride to get there.  This time the clowns decided to jump on and ride with us.  The kids are still talking about it.

I love Halloween.

I love everything about it, even the decorations.

I enjoyed taking pictures of some of the Halloween decorations that were out and about.


…and then I was sad yesterday as I took mine down.

I am already looking forward to putting up Christmas.

The kids made a haul in Halloween Candy. 

Those darn tootsie rolls.  I am having a hard time keeping my hands of off those.

Speaking of witch which, I hope all my challenge doers had a great week.  I lost 1.5. 

I am putting down the Halloween Candy, and I am off to do some pilates.


Pam said...

Cute Cute Cute costumes! You did a great job! Missed you though! I love Halloween too!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Oh my gosh!!! You did such an awesome job! I could die of adorableness over the girls in their owl costumes. You are so talented!!

KW said...

Wow that neighborhood really knows how to do Halloween. It was raining here so NO ONE was out and about. It was kinda sad. The costumes turned out fabulous!! Next year I am just going to throw a big Halloween party and celebrate this wonderful holiday going all out. So book your tickets now!

Krysta said...

YOur costumes turned out so cute!! I loved all of your photos. I could feel the magic through them. I was sad to take it all down too. We had fun this year!!

and Then There Were Three...... said...

Love your costumes! Your pictures took me back to being a kid in the country!! Living in the city makes things much different. And the challenge...I lost 2 lbs last week!

Darlene said...

I'm rolling at Jonathan's costume!! Hilarious!! You all look great. I love the owls :).

Emily said...

Cute! Cute! You must share how you made the design in PS (I think I can figure this out probably, but it's always nice to hear) and the kind of paper you made it on . . . I don't think I understand . . .


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