Sunday, November 7, 2010

Get this done…

For the sake of history, and my blog book.  I think it is about time to finish blogging about our vacation and the whole month of October that seemed to have just zipped by.  I have suddenly found myself with less time to blog.  I don’t know what brought it on, but I truly have less time to sit at the computer.  I can’t put my finger on it, but I just seem to be really busy these days.

I have these great and wonderful things to blog about, but I just don’t have time to blog.  Blogging is one of those things that I really enjoy doing.  I also love having my words written down to read later.  I just need more time.

So today, with daylight savings.  I am going to take my extra hour and finally blog about something!

October in a nutshell:

We went on vacation to South Padre Island in Texas.  It was awesome.  I have already shared a few of our pictures.  I missed sharing others that I had planned on.  Here are a couple.  I am scattering my favorite vacation memories throughout the photos. (pictures don’t necessarily coordinate with thoughts)

1. Time with the Mortensen family, and taking their pictures.

Mortensen 1bw

2.  More time to just sit and be with my hubby.

J and A on Beach 5x12 

3.  Less housework.

Kids 5x7

4.  More snuggles

Tess and Mommy 4x6

Mom and tess

J and Ike

5. Laying on my bed listening to my ipod and reading.  I did this several times on our trip.


6.  A run on the beach.

Butterfly Ray

7.  Seeing my best friend on the way down, and on the way home.


8.  Stopping at sonic at midnight on our way home and having a “date” with my hubby while the kids slept in the back and had no idea we were eating ice cream.WOW!! that was a run-on sentence.


9.  Wearing my kids out, but knowing that they were enjoying every minute of it.

Isaac sleeps


10.  Watching the kids play with their cousins.


Caleb and Jex

11.  No healthy eating, and lots of treats.



All the kiddos

October also brought lost of fun Fall events and it seemed like there was a lot going on at the kids school.

pumpkin patch

1.pumpkin patch 2. Stella with her drug free note attached to a red balloon 3.  Red Balloon launch  4. Maze at the pumpkin patch 5. Isaac pumpkin carving 6. Isaac taking his tractor for a spin 7. Turkey trot at the kids school 8. Jex carves a werewolf in his pumpkin 9. isaac checking out the animals at the pumpkin patch 10. Stella thinks it is so gross to carve pumpkins 11. Tess waiting for “the great pumpkin.” 12. Jex with his drug free note and balloon.

We also celebrated Tessa’s birthday.  We also had a great birthday photo shoot that I never got to share.

Tessa One 

I always want to remember this day.  She was so happy.  I was so grateful for my little one year old as I took these pictures.

Hopefully, I will have  a little bit more time for my computer this month.  ha ha November and December.  I don’t think so.


Krysta said...

Great way to get caught up. I need to do some of that too. I love the pictures of you and Tess together. I wish I had more of just me and Ady. Those pics of you two really are so sweet and beautiful.

Stephanie Bishop said...

I can almost feel the warm sunshine on my shoulders as I look at these pictures of the beach! Tessa is so precious in her photo shoot! Don't you just want to FREEZE time and stop her from growing!? That is THE superpower I want!

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