Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am finally back to tell the story of a little girl and one delicious cake.

dive right in

She has always been a very messy eater.  I thought I would get the best SMASH cake pictures.

Instead of smashing…. she decided to use her manners and eat as dainty as possible.


Little stinker.

A photographer and mother; aka mother photographer, dreams of the day when she gets to take SMASH pictures.  There was no smashing.  There was only picking.

candle  collage CR

The kids decided that maybe they should help.

First, they helped her blow out her candle…


…and then they got their faces dirty.

Kids in Cake Collage CR

We decided she might get a little messier if we just gave her a piece.

Close up 2

We were right.



….and now she decides to play with her food.


That’s my girl!!

…and then a few gifts were opened.

Present Collage 2

Each one of the kids took the time to wrap her something.  Stella gave her one of her babies.  Isaac a car, and Jex one of his stick horses.  I thought it was so cute of them to give something of their own.

OH Mae Mae.  Where did the time go?  Every moment with you is so wonderful.  You are the best gift.  The most wonderful addition to our family.  The little part that we didn’t know we needed until you came along.  I love little one year olds, and if there was a way to bottle you up I would.  I want to keep you this way forever.  Every day is a new adventure for you.  You learn something new every day, and this my favorite part about having you.  I love watching you learn.  Your mind working, and a smile when you figure it out.

I love when you crawl over to me, pull yourself up, and stick your head between my knees.  I love when you crawl over to me and tickle me.  I love when you lay your head on my shoulder and snuggle.  I love when you say, “Mama.” 

This year has been magical because of you.

It was certainly worth celebrating.


Beth Curtis said...

Thank goodness for siblings! I love the pics of them helping her. I totally agree with this age. This is the best time ever! I look back and don't know how I dealt with the newborn stage ( but then I still miss it too). 1 year olds are the BEST!

KW said...

Oh I love it!!!!!! I am wondering how Luke is going to be about his cake. Guess we will see. Just wish you were here to take pictures. Oh and Luke desperately needs a friends so will you move back here already? I would have you send Tess over every day!

Stephanie said...

This totally cracks me up! B was never a messy eater and he wouldn't even touch his cake! Silly boy! You are amazing! And I would LOVE it if you came back to Logan! There are tons of houses for sale by me! When are you guys done in Little Rock?

Stella said...

The pictures and the story touched my heart. I know exactly what you mean. Oh my time flies and before you know they're grown up. Capture those precious moments in your heart and take lots of pictures. I did the same and it's so lovely to look back at them!

Krysta said...

She is as cute as ever!! And has a mind of her own...that's why she decided not to smash the cake. :) The pictures of the kids helping her says it all. They are so sweet and she is much loved!

Dave and Lindsay said...

So cute!! Little ones are so much fun, and I agree you just want to bottle them up!

Jamie said...

Darling! Happy birthday Tessa!

Brunson's said...

Cute Cute Party and such an adorable little girl. Glad to see you all happy and well.

Tara said...

So darling, Andrea - what a sweet sweet little person to finish off your family. :) I love how you are celebrating every minute of her babyhood.

Michelle said...

Beautiful, as usual, Andrea! Tessa is so fun and so cute. I'm glad she and Rosebud and Averi get to hang out together at church. :)

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