Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finishing Touches

As you know, I recently did some furniture rearranging.

I mentioned that I was not done with the dining room.

Well… I finally have it just. the. way. I. want. it.

After laying in bed thinking and thinking… I was able to make over the dining room by shopping my house.

This little makeover cost me $15… that was in fabric.

What do you think?

Big PictureCR

The wall behind my table is such a big wall.  It needed something more.  I had originally thought I would put my clock there with the silhouettes, but I could not stand it.  I was so used to checking the time above my mantel that I had to put it back.  It was a happy choice because I love my book wreath there.

Wreath and silohettesCR

I also love how this little side wall turned out.

Side WallCR

I just shopped the house for these pictures.

However, my table needed a new runner.  I have been wanting one for some time so I broke out the sewing machine.

Table Runner CR

I used cheap synthetic satin, some fun ribbon, satin flowers that I made and a old pair of vintage earrings for the center of the flower.

The green fabric is gathered and hangs long on both sides.  It totally completes the table.

Well, along with the centerpiece of course.


All of this was stuff I already had.


I recently bought the vintage handkerchief at a antique store.

The chair in the corner, also needed a little something.  So I used the left over runner fabric, and some lace and whipped up a little pillow.


I think this is my favorite corner of the house.

I love how all the finishing touches came together. 

FInishing Touches CR

I feel like I am in a new house again.

Details CR

It is fun to switch things up.

Dining Room CR

Give it a try.


KW said...

Love how it turned out. Great job!

Roxanne said...

I want to rearrange soooo bad but i can't. My house is just set up for me to do anything. Yours looks great!!

Krysta said...

Perfect!! It looks so clean and fresh.

Kim@Simply Domestic said...

I love the table runner! Your home is beautiful!

julie said...

Just perfect!

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