Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are you ready?

.... for Summer?

I am working on it.  We have four school days left.   


It has taken me a few weeks but...

I have cleaned out all of the closets, cupboards, games, art supplies, and toys.

Everything is organized and ready to go.

I have also been preparing for summer.

I have laid out our schedule.

It is a flexible schedule, but nonetheless a schedule.

I plan to share this with you in a few days because...

Today, I am too excited to share our big summer project.

Some of you already know all about this.

We do it every year.

Every year it is a little different.

I have added some new elements this year.

Around here we like to call it:

Alphabet Summer.

Alphabet Summer info from 2008.

This year instead of flying by the seat of my pants each morning.  I am a little more scheduled.  The kids are getting older and I think they need to have some expectations.

We will do Alphabet Summer every MWF.

In the morning, they will work in their journals.

In the afternoon we will do a craft, project, play, or field trip that correlates with that letter.

I don't go in order.  I pick a letter that fits with our week.

I decided to be on  my game with their journals.

In years past, I have just printed out their sheets the morning of.  Not this year.  I need to have time to EXERCISE!!

I found these folders that Jex used his Kindergarten year.  I decided to re-use them.

Alphabet Summer

They had his name on them in permanent marker, so I covered that up.

I made this little diddy in photoshop, and taped it on.


Then I made a sheet for Jex to write a short story on. 

He will make up a story. 

I will help him pick a topic that works with our letter of the day. 

Behind that sheet is a blank sheet to draw a picture about his story.

Jex folder

Isaac and Stella have worksheets in theirs.  I found them at

letter j

I just printed one off for each folder, and then placed a blank sheet behind to draw a picture.

Stella will do well to trace the letters, and then draw a picture of something that begins with the letter.

Isaac will probably color the picture at the top of his tracers.  On his blank sheet, I plan on writing the letter big, and letting him color it. 

We will also discuss the sound the letter makes.

Here is a previous post with alphabet ideas.

Go here and here to see some of them in action; one of these posts has links to great ABC ideas.

Two more from 2009, here and here.

This is their folders all ready to go in their special spot.  Every thing in a place, ready to go, without chaos.


My kids can't wait.  They keep talking and talking about it, and asking and asking about it.

They are speculating about what we will do for each letter.  They have come up with some pretty hilarious ideas. I am keeping it a secret.

Stay tuned for my ABC project ideas for 2010, and our summer schedule.

As a side note:  I know this little summer tool helps our kids with their reading.  The first summer we did this was right before Jex went in to Kindergarten.  He went in reading, and now reads almost 2 whole grades above his grade level.  He is completing first grade, and read Harry Potter 1 and 2 this year. 

He does not stay in his classroom for reading.  He goes on to a second grade class to read each day.  He will do the same next year.  I think Stella is well on her way.  She is beginning to read, and spell.  Knowing the sounds to your alphabet is such a good piece of knowledge.  It helps pre-readers feel confident.

Two Tips:  Leap Frog DVD's/ The Letter Factory and Word Factory

Isaac uses this site, as did the other two.  He is well on his way to knowing and recognizing his letters.



Krysta said...

Your notebooks look great. I think you are right. I need to print mine out ahead of time too. Smart thinkin'! I guess that goes on my list for tomorrow. I'm excited for Alphabet Summer!

Sugar and Spice Mommy said...

Thanks so much!! I actually started this with my girls this week. They too, have loved having a "planned activity" and they have been looking forward to it! We have only done 2 letters so far. I am flying by the seat of my pants on this, so I will use all of your good advice! Can't wait to read more!:)

shannonjason said...

I am in Awe....I have been stalking for some time and figured I need to show myself as I am now stealing...ahem..."borrowing" your ideas. There are a few things I have started with my children that I picked up from your blog and now this is another one that I think they will enjoy. I went back a couple posts as I was a little behind and am working on being prepared in the kitchen. Aside from making you live with me for the next few weeks to teach me all you know, I'd love to get some of your lists to work off of. I'm currently a woking mother of 2 - hope to be a SAHM soon. Trying to budget, organize, get creative - you know all that stuff that will make the transition a little smoother.
Thank you for your blog - You have some wonderful ideas. As I go back into my lurking - oops, I mean quitly browsing - please know that you're inspiring this Mama of 2.
Thank you
spete02 at gmail dot com

Kory said...

I LOVE this! So beautifully organized! My daughter is only 14 months but I might do a modified version of this because I just love it!

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