Monday, July 14, 2008

{More of our Alphabet Summer...}

Here is what we have been working on with our alphabet the last few days.

S... is for Stella, Scrapbook, Swenson, Smoothies, and Space.

Today we talked about the day Stella was born, and looked at her baby scrapbook. We also made a Scrapbook page all about Stella. The kids each took turns making the page. They picked out everything, and came up with the design. They also picked out words that begin with the letter S to describe her. Here are there pages. We had also had Strawberry Smoothies for lunch, and we will read a book about Space tonight before bed.
Stella's Scrapbook Page:
Jex's Scrapbook Page:
G... is for Give, and Gratitude.
Last Thursday, we had the missionaries over for dinner. We talked about giving, and also being Grateful for what we have. The kids helped with dinner, and then enjoyed giving to them as they ate with us. They also picked some food items off our shelf to Give to the Arkansas Food Bank. Our primary is doing this as an activity coming up in August. Now our kids are helping to contribute. They enjoyed thinking about all that they do have, and finding some things to give to others.
B is for... Baptism, Belong, and Believe.
On Saturday, a young women from our area was baptized. Her husband was a member, and she has decided to join the church. We took the kids to the baptism, because we thought it would be good for them to see. We also wanted to support Jackie. We also sang the song, "I Belong to the church" to the kids. I talked to the kids about what it means to belong to something. The song also says, " I Believe in the Savior Jesus Christ, I'll honor his name." I talked to them about what it means to Believe. It was a nice day, and a great way to talk to the kids about faith, and belonging to a wonderful church. The kids enjoyed the baptism, and have been talking about Jackie the last couple of days. I know they were impressed with her decision to join the church. They were also excited because Jackie is pregnant with twins. It is a big year for her.
I loved all of the response I got the last time I posted about our Alphabet. I am in need of help again. I need some ideas for these letters, A, K, N, O, U, W, and Z. If you have any please let me know.
I don't think I mentioned this, but on Jonathan's first day of work, he was in a car accident. He is doing fine, but it totaled his car. He has been driving my car to work, and so I have been car less. All of these activities need to be things that we can do at home. If you have any please let me know.
Thanks for your input. This really has been a great learning tool for the kids. I will keep sharing what I have come up with.


Elise said...

So...I have been doing starfall with Macy and she loves it. I am amazed that she is actually learning the letters! Anyway, you might want to look on there for inspiration on the rest of your letters. I can tell you the words they use for "A" by heart...Apple, Alligator, Astronaut.

Savanna and Family... said...

Andrea you are such a great Mom. I need to be more like you. You are so creative and just so dang cute. Thanks for inspiring me to be better. :) So... what digital scrapbooking program do you use? I am wanting to get more into that but don't know where to start. Any ideas?

melissa said...

It looks like a lot of creative, hands-on learning going on at the Swenson household. Good job guys. It looks like a lot of fun. Your house looks great-just like I would expect it to. You have such great style. I love Isaac's blonde hair-just like an Argyle. Love you all.

JTB said...

Wow! Andrea you are so impressive. I love the alphabet idea. Your house looks beautiful and I love the decorating. Also, loved the weight watcher tips- keep them coming too! So fun!

Eileen said...

You are so creative and clever! I remember that alphabet (?) book you did for Scrapbook Station. It was such a hit.

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