Monday, July 21, 2008

{Alphabet Ideas...}

I wanted to quickly share all of the ideas for the alphabet. I have gotten a lot of ideas from all of you, and my sister in laws. Thank you to everyone who has emailed me or posted some ideas. Here is a complete list if any of you are interested.

A... Astronaut, American Indians, Arrowheads, Apples(cut the apple the wrong way. It makes a star and use it to stamp with using paint.

B... Baptism, Belong, Believe, Bubbles

C... Carwash, Cupcakes, Clean, Card-making

D... Dinosaurs, Dad, Dance, Disposable Camera

E... Exercise, Everything for lunch( I am going to let my kids pick what they want for lunch, and if they pick Oreos, then that is what they get.)

F... Fondue, Flowers, Fingernails

G... Give, Gifts

H... Hot tubs, Hearts, Homemade salsa

I... Icecream, Isaac, Indoor campout, and Indoor Smores

J... Jex, Jump Rope, Jacks, and Jumping Jacks

K... Kite, Kids, Kindness Day

L... Library, Laundry, Litter pick-up

M... Mom, Music, Movie, Macaroni, Mix(small treats in a bowl for a snack, a mixture of things), Marble painting

N... Necklaces, Nests(make them out of N0-bake cookies, and fill with Jelly Beans)

O... Opposites, Outdoor painting

P... Pudding Pictures(paint with pudding), Puppet show

Q... Quiet, Quack, "Quiet Quilt"

R... Rhymes, Recipe, Recycle

S... Stella, Strawberry Smoothie, Scrapbook

T... Time(teach them about time), Tacos, Tye-Die

U... Upside Down, Uno(game)

V... Volcano, Vanilla Pudding, Veggies

W... Walk, Water, Watermelon

X... X-rays, XXX(kisses to our family-send a package with hershey kisses to someone in our family)

Y...Yummy, Yellow, Yo Yo

Z... Zippers(find things with zippers) Zoo

I am going to keep this list, and keep adding to it for the years to come. My kids have loved having something to look forward to this summer. It has helped them from saying "I'm Bored."
So if you have anymore great ideas, let me know.


Mishrerr said...

Wow, this is such a fun list! You are awesome at finding ways to enjoy your kids. Chris was reading over my shoulder, and suggested that on the "Z" day you could make the Chippers in a Zipper. :)

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