Friday, July 18, 2008

{am not... am too...}

{"Everyday is painfully the same, but vastly different."}
Kate Gosselin-Jon & Kate plus 8

Jex goes right to sleep... Stella does not
Stella sleeps in.... Jex does not
Jex loves meat... Stella does not
Stella loves dairy... Jex does not
Jex loves watching TV... Stella does not
Stella loves cooking with mom... Jex does not
Jex makes his bed... Stella does not
Stella takes her time... Jex does not
Jex follows every rule... Stella does not
Stella is carefree and laid back... Jex is not
Jex loves people... Stella does not
Stella loves to trick and be tricked... Jex does not
Jex loves to play outside... Stella does not
Stella loves to play house... Jex does not
Jex loves to read books about facts... Stella gets bored
Stella loves to read short simple books... Jex does not

Even though these two are vastly different... they are much the same.
They love other...
They love having routine...
They love spending time with mom and dad...
They love to dressup and play pretend...
They love to color and do art...
They love to be helpful...

The greatest gift you can give your child is a... SIBLING!!
(btw, we love our little Isaac also, we just haven't figured out what he is, and is not!)


Tara said...

It is amazing how different and similar siblings can be -- makes me believe even more in a pre-mortal life!

Kristin said...

I love Jon & Kate plus 8...but I love your kids more, they are so stinking funny.

leilacahill said...

Such a cute entry! I LOVE John and Kate plus 8. Isn't Kate the funniest. Thanks for sharing. Another idea I may have to steal someday....hmmm....

Donna said...

Like your "I am too" post. What a great idea!
I agree with Tara. The varied personalities of babies right from the start is one evidence of pre-mortal life.

Krysta said...

That was fun to read. I never really realized how different Stella and Jex really are until I read that! They will love looking back and reading those things.

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