Friday, March 26, 2010

“What I have learned Thursday.”

What I am sharing this week has a lot to do with my spirituality. I am sure that is something that I need to work on so Heavenly Father is teaching me through others.

As many of you know, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I am always thankful for the reminders from church leaders and church members that help to keep me focused on what is really important. 

These 3 “what I have learned” topics are all spiritual, but I believe they can be helpful to all no matter your religion or beliefs.

1. Read and Understand.

I “try” to find time to study my scriptures every day.  It doesn’t always happen.  For years I have tried to read a chapter a day.  It dawned on me that in doing so, I was just trying to get it read.  I was not really focusing on what I was reading.  That is when I realized that scripture study is not a race.  It is about reading and understanding.  Now, I may only read 2 verses, but I understand what I have read and can apply it to my life somehow. I really try to think about what it is I am reading, and sometimes that means only reading a few lines.  I would rather it take me ten years to read an entire set of scripture and understand it, then a year just for the sake of saying I read it.

2.  Reaction

Since the birth of our 4th child we have been notoriously late for church.  We just can not get it together.  A few Sundays back, I told Jonathan that I will not be late again.  I think the devil heard me say that.  I think he played some tricks on our house.  Our kitchen sink started to leak, my blow dryer blew up(while my hair was still wet), and part of a lesson Jonathan had prepared was not cooperating.  We were running late.  I almost didn’t get in the car. I was so frazzled.  I was angry at everyone.  I found myself yelling at the kids, “get in the car.” “Why aren’t your shoes on, where is your tie?”  This is my typical Sunday morning banter.

Once I got to church, I told my friend Tracy, who is so wise. “I think Heavenly Father is so sick of us being late.”  Because Tracy has five kids, and knows what it is like she responded like this, “I think Heavenly Father understands you being late.  I don’t think he wants you to make Sunday mornings unpleasant by the way you react to the situation.”  How did she know?  How did she know that I acted like a lunatic this morning?  I guess because she has been there.

You know she is right.  The tone that I set in the home on the Sabbath morning will be something my kids will always remember. It also sets the tone for the spirit to be with us during our church service.  I will always remember the lesson I learned that Sunday.  Who cares if I am late, what matters is how I react.

3.  Be Prepared to Serve

I have a friend who recently showed me her schedule.  She has grown children and is currently not working.  She gets up at 5:00am and has a list of things to do.  ie: exercise, eat, shower, get dressed, read her scriptures, and she does all of this before 8:00am.  I asked her, “why do you do this when you could sleep in?”  She replied, “What if someone calls me at 8:30 and asks me to take them to the doctor?  I will have to say that I haven’t showered so I can’t.  I want to be prepared to serve in any way that the Lord needs me to.”

WOW!!  It really made me stop and think about being prepared to help others.  I am not in a place in my life that I can be prepared every morning like that.  However, I can be prepared to say yes to whatever it may be.  I can also make sure that I leave openings in my week to serve.  I can also pray for opportunities to be of service to others.

I am so thankful for her example of service.

I hope these 3 things have helped you think of ways to add a little more spirituality to your life.  We all need it no matter what we believe.  Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual ideas and thoughts are important for our soul, our growth, and who we are.  They create a balance in our being.  I think my spirituality was throwing me off balance some.  I am thankful for the reminders, and the opportunity to see the good in others.

I am thankful for what I learn from others. It helps make me a better person.  I hope that sharing these thoughts helps you too.

Now last but not least, the Easter Surprise I promised.  This is Stella’s Easter Dress. 

Easter Dress

I made it from an Ann Taylor Skirt that I found at the thrift store.  I got the idea from here. 

I added the idea of the flower and the ribbon around the middle.Flower

I made sure I used a skirt that had a zipper.  It made it so easy to sew.


I am new to sewing so it is so nice to have a way to make something out of a skirt that is already put together.  I was able to make it my own.  Thanks Disney for the great idea.

P.S.  I will do a tutorial on Stella’s hair sometime this month.  I get so many questions about how I do it like this, so watch for a Princess Crown Tutorial in the near future.


Krysta said...

Great post! That was worth waiting for. Who cares if your "What I have learned Thursday" isn't on Thursday? I don't. I'm just glad you share your insight!

Tara said...

Such good reminders for me! Thank you!! (and Stella's dress is darling!)

katie@tulsadetails said...

I needed this yesterday. Thanks for posting! And, the dress is absolutely adorable! So impressed!

ChicChat said...

Wow...those where all great thoughts. I am always looking for ways to improve myself and that
3rd comment about being ready to serve was awesome...because I like to sleep in. Thank you for sharing.

Andie said...

Just found you. Have been pouring through old posts. LOVE so much here. Your bedroom is gorge! I will be back.

Shortcake and Company said...

Can I be you when I grow up, Andrea? You amaze me girl. And, thanks for sharing what you've learned. I learned something too.

Stephanie Bishop said...

I have just spent 7 hours reuniting myself with changing up a blog. Although it has been fun and I have gained lot of knowledge, imagine if I did this EVERYDAY? I would have nothing to blog about because the kids I so love would be neglected.

I find myself returning to your blog and admiring your layout not to mention all the creative crafts and projects you are able to create. You inspire me to learn and change. I am not a creative person at all and certainly know my limitations in many areas of homemaking, but I get by.

THanks for always putting the important things in perspective.

Oh to be so young again!!!

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