Friday, April 9, 2010

Back... So much to tell.

I am finally back from vacation, and finally on two feet again.  Okay, really I am only on one foot but I am trying to balance.

I have so much to share mainly for my own record keeping.

So much to share about our vacation.  Only my BIL, Wes, says it is not a vacation when you have kids.  It is a trip.  A "trip" it was. 

It was so nice to see our family, and I must apologize to all my friends who I did not get to see this trip.  I must explain:

We did not rent a car, and with four kids now it was nearly impossible to go any where with out two vehicles.  It made visits very tricky seeing I was there alone for nine days before Jonathan came.  Once he did come it got very busy.  We enjoyed some time together, and he also had some job interviews to take care of.

Time was up before we knew it.  To all my Utah friends, I love you and hope to catch you all next time.

The beginning of our vacation started with me taking 4 kids on an airplane by myself.  I don't think I have had so many "looks" in my entire life.  I survived.  I wanted to cry, but I did survive.

Our trip consisted of:

Meeting little Luke for the first time, and taking pictures of him.

Luke Owen

Tessa turning 5 months, and meeting some of her family members for the first time.

Tess 6

Cousins getting to know each other.

Tess and Luke 2

Cousins getting reacquainted.

Swenson Family Tree

Jonathan's parents have 19 grand kids.

We enjoyed lots of late nights chats, and quality time spent with our loved ones.

A baby shower for my sister Lindsay and baby London.


A couple of small projects I could work on at home.

baby cake

(this was so easy.  I found the tutorial here.)

A few girl shopping trips.

Attending the Taste of Home cooking school

A few boy(shooting guns, training dogs, four-wheeler rides) outings.

Stella went with the girls to have a pedicure.

Jex went with the boys to shoot clay pigeons.

We also made a trip to our old stomping ground; Logan, Utah.  It was a very quick trip.

Jonathan met with a group up there to discuss the possibility of a job.

I would love to live there, but I have questioned moving back because of the weather.

This is what happened once we arrived:

Snow 3

It really was beautiful.

Jonathan's two sisters live there so we enjoyed some time with their families.

Jonathan's sister Lorinda has a bounce house in her basement.  Let's just say the kids were in heaven.DSC_0481


Then it was time to say goodbye to our beautiful Logan, and head back to Utah County.

We had a great time getting together with my whole family.  My family has not all been together since before Kristin got married.  I know it was nice for my parents to have all their kids, spouses and grandchildren together in the same place.

My mom planned Mexican night.  We had stacked enchiladas, and margaritas.(non-alcoholic) Then a rousing evening of games and laughter.

Easter weekend approached quickly.  We made sure the Easter Bunny made his visit on Saturday morning as usual.  We would also be leaving for the airport on Easter morning, so we hoped he could find us the day before.

We did all the traditional Easter festivities.

Easter Attire for Sunday:

Easter Dresses 1

Traditional Easter picture.

All of us laughing during pictures, because:


you guessed it; Isaac is a goof ball.

goof Ball

At least we have some one to laugh at.


We colored eggs with our cousins:

bright and colorful


We also had a really fun egg hunt:



And then we ate the candy on the airplane ride home.

We are all feeling a bit melancholy.  It is so hard to leave loved ones, but it is so great to be Home. 

My trip left me pondering what I have realized about home in our journeys to far off lands:

Home is really where your loved ones are.

We have had loved ones in every place we have lived.

So where is home?


Rachel said...

Your pictures are simply amazing, sounds like you had a wonderful Easter with family.


Dave and Lindsay said...

I am happy to see all the fun things you did and I am glad that we were able to be part of some of them! We are happy that you guys were able to come out and we were able to drive up! I was also wondering if you would email me those pics from the shower because I didn't have my camera...thanks!!

Krysta said...

All I have to say is... I'm glad you are finally home. I really missed you!!! It looks like you had a lot of fun. Isn't it amazing all the things you can fit into one trip? Sometimes you don't even realize all that you did until you look back at the pictures. I like what Wes says. It is so true!

Brunson's said...

K..Issac makes me laugh just lookin at the pictures. I sure wish I could have lived next door longer to get to know this little guy. He seems like a little ball of fun. Glad you had fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a magnet that says "Home is where your Mom is..."

Tara said...

Welcome back - I missed you! I'm wondering the same thing about 'home' right now - exactly what should I be wishing for? My mom sent me a card w/ dorothy & her ruby slippers on the front - it says, "There's no play like Paris! - if you have magic shoes would you really go to Kansas??" hmmm.....

KW said...

I love that pic of Luke & Tess. So funny. I am glad you finally made it out here. Remember what I told you about home cuz we would love to have you finally come "home". It would be the bestest.

Lindsey Jensen said...

Looks like you had so much fun!!! I love the picture of Luke and Tess, so cute!! Issac is getting soo big!

PS. I tried the applesause with the cereal and he still didn't like it. I have also done bannana's with the cereal. The only thing that has worked so far is mixing a little bit of formula with the cereal and then chasing the cereal with a bottle after a few bits. Help!!! I don't know what else to do with him?

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