Monday, March 15, 2010

I may get back to blogging at some point,

But Tessa and I have been busy playing with our BFF's.

Krysta and Ady

Krysta and Ady came for the weekend.

The girls were so excited to see each other.

Tess and Ady 1

or wait maybe that was Krysta and myself.

Blue Jeans Ady  Blue Jeans Tess

Can you believe that they are 5 months?

Tess and Ady 2

Any way... we had way to much fun, and spent way to much time coming up with ways to make these girls look more adorable then they already are.

Tess and Ady 3

Can one have to many leg warmers, hair bows, shoes, and fashionable shirts?

We don't think so either.

They had to go back home tonight.

Tess and I

We miss you guys. When are you coming back?



Alaina and Mitchell said...

too cute!! How far away do they live? You girls are so lucky to get to see each other as often as you do! I love the baby legs idea! It'll work perfectly for our little one out here in frigid Rexburg! Especially with a birthday in November! Perfect for springtime with a 4 month-old!

Eileen said...

How fun for you all! Those girls look like twins.

Beth Curtis said...

those pics are precious! Beautiful girls! ( mom and babes). so my reviews for the recipes:
Cordon Bleu was just ok for us but to give it justice I cooked that the day after the saba salad. We are IN-LOVE with that salad. Brandon got a second helping. I did use the canned chicken and it was perfect!
Thanks for sharing your recipes! It is nice to try recipes that you know someone else likes.

Pam said...

Cute Cute!! they could be twins (you and Krista wish) lol Glad you had a fun time together! Darling outfits!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Darling darling girls!

Jamie said...

OH MY...Like I didn't want a girl enough already!!! Those two are just Waaay to cute. OH and so are the mommies;)

Krysta said...

They are pretty dang cute aren't they?! I miss you!

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