Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glass Anyone?

I love decorating with any thing glass.  All things glass are just pretty.  If you are looking for a few pieces to buy that are timeless;  Glass would have to be it.

See what you can do with Glass Apothecary Jars:


and how easy they are to change out:


Glass Vases are a must have.  I find some of my favorites at the dollar store.  This little number that held the candy canes came from there.


...and then it got to hold more sweets for Valentines day:


You can't forget the options you have when Halloween comes around:

WHole Mantel

I am also a lover of Milk Glass.  You have seen my small collection of milk glass:(I wish I had more)


and what you can do with it:



I also have these milk glass lamps in the Girls room.

Girls room 2

I had a hard time finding lamp shades that would fit these old souls.  What I found just was not my favorite.  I spruced them up a little this week. What do you think?


Ribbon, my sewing machine, a few ruffles, and hot glue.  Waa-laa!!


I love my milk glass lamps even more.

I also think glass cake stands are a must have.  You can do so much them.  For example:

Pumpkins on platter

You can use it to decorate with or...


to adorn your counter with a sweet little treat.

I also have a collection of glass candlesticks.


On special occasions I take them out of my room to adorn our table:


Now, I have to share my latest addition to my glass collection.

These items were given to me by a friend who noticed my milk glass.

I almost cried when she gave me these:


These are depression glass.  They look so beautiful in the girls room.

I used those 3M velcro tabs to hang them on the wall.  It was so simple and sturdy.DSC_0011

She also gave me these:


I can't wait to use them for taco night.

They  look so cute on my counter.

When thinking about items to buy for your home.  Think Glass.  It has so many uses, and always looks so pretty.  It adds a glamour effect to almost anything, but it almost always has a practical use as well.


Heidi said...

Oh soooo creative - I love all the ideas! I'm always on the hunt for decorative glass containers at the local thrift stores! Thanks for the idea of hanging plates with the 3M stuff -- I'm gonna have to try that!

Rachel said...

I love glass containers!! I found a huge one on clearance at Wal-Mart and LOVE IT! I have it filled with faux green apples right now. Your pictures are great!!!


The Coburn's said...
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katie@tulsadetails said...

I feel so inspired! I have been trying to figure out what to do with my fireplace and love all of your pictures!

Tara said...

So fun, Andrea - it all looks beautiful. I love having the different stuff for different seasons -- it feels like a celebration no matter the time of year. :) Thanks for sharing all your cute ideas.

Jenn said...

I LOVE Everything in your house! I really love those ruffle lamp shades! Your mantle scapes are gorgeous!
I was thinking about you tonight because of the Tornados down there...I hope your alright.
We are family friends with LuAnn Bradford by the way {I saw where she helped you with your bedroom}...my maiden name is Brumfield if you want to tell her that some chick on your blog says that she knows her. :)
Have a delightful day!

Kimberly said...

you are so creative! I wanted to become a follower of your blog - I don't see a follow button!? You little family is beautiful!!

jenjen said...

Beautiful! I loved seeing all of your cute decorating! I have never tried hanging things with those 3M things - thanks for the tip!


Fauset Photography said...

Can you please come decorate my house? Now. :)

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