Monday, July 27, 2009

{Something Different... Sorry}

I know you all thought this might be the final showing of the kids rooms, but it is not.  I have been rearranging my room, and I got this fabulous new piece to go in there.  I just could not wait to show it off.  So hopefully this will inspire you some, and help hold you all over for the big reveal.  I know you are all loosing sleep over it.  hahaha...  Don't you wish I wanted to do something better with my time.  However, I don't; it's to much of my passion.

Here is a bit of the before:

shabby headboard

I just never felt completely finished in this room, but I am so satisfied now.  Here is the after:


And we can't forget my favorite new piece.  Are you ready?  I could not pass this up.  It was something that I knew I would never find again.  Here it is:


An antique mirror, oh my heck... I am in love.  Here is how it looks in the room.

DSC_0163 copy  

I also found the shabby candlestick on the wall at an Antique store for $5.  It was so perfect that I could not pass it up.  The mirror really was a steal for a mere $70.  I usually don't spend this much, but it is one of those pieces.  I knew I wuold always regret passing it up.  It was originally $145.  Plus, my great friend talked me in to it.  I have been doing a few close friends hair, so I used my hair money.


Here are a few more peaks at what is going on in this room.  I love how the mirror's play off each other.

DSC_0166 copy

DSC_0167 copy

Most of the furniture in this room was free.  I made my own headboard from a few shelves that my mom bought for my birthday, and some old FREE windows.

The rocking chair was my Grandparents, and Jonathan sanded and painted it for me.  I covered the seat with a 1/2 yard of fabric, and had some left over.

The dresser was made by my great grandfather.  It was my dads when he was a kid.  I just repainted it. 

The night stand, I found at a yard sale for $2.  It just needed some paint.

The big white table, I found on the side of the road.  All it needed was some paint, and a little antiquing.

There you have it... the perfect beach cottage, for pretty cheap.  I wanted to be surrounded by memories of our life on Saba.

Thanks for looking.


Jasons girls said...

Wow Andrea !!! Your room is amazing and the mirror was a total steal !!! Good job in choosing it. I love the Saba memories !! You truly have a talent. Can you come to my house next ?? Ha Ha Love you and so glad you are feeling better.

The Coburn's said...

Your room looks Great! So much fun when you catch that bug, it's almost addicting. Can't wait to see the kids' rooms. Tessa and Klaire have the exact same bedding, I love it!

Matt Ormond Family said...

It looks like it came straight out of a magazine! Truly the perfect beach cottage.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad you are sharing with us! You were so smart to not pass up that mirror. It's wonderful and I think that was a great price- definately worth it!

Krysta said...

I am in love with that mirror too. Can we say...JEALOUS!!!

Becky and Jaron Brunson Family said...

Creativity! Good for you for buying something you really love! I have things that I passed up at garage sales, etc. that still haunt me when I lay down at night!!

Ashlee said...

I love it!! You are too creative..quite an eye for decorating! I hope I'm 1/2 as good when we have our own place. Don't you love "hair money!" It's my play money I don't feel guilty about buying myself things!

Patty said...

Love love love the mirror. It's so you and it's the best find I think I ever seen from an antique store. I'm glad you didn't pass it up. I think you are nesting big time, getting everything read and in place before the baby comes. Then you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful surrounding. I'm waiting for the others anxiously.

Michelle said...

I just think everything you touch turns to gold! :)

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