Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friends, Family, and Gloomy Days...

We have had a lot of rain these past few days.  So much that I am reminded of Saba.  I kind of enjoy a nice lazy rainy day every now and then. 

  Here is a nice photo I snapped between rain storms:


I think the kids enjoyed just hanging out at home today too.


Isaac is fascinated with puzzles.  I happen to have a few nice ones that were mine when I was a kid.  Do you think he is learning his alphabet too?  I doubt it.  He is all about taking it out, and putting it in.  A big fascination at this age.


The other two broke out the Legos.  These used to be Jonathan's when he was a kid.  They will entertain them for hours.

While this was going on, Jonathan was out in the pouring rain enjoying some time with his close friend Brady.  They went down to the deer camp that they are members of.  They left at 4 am.  Yes, 4 in the morning.  You heard me right.  This is a normal occurrence for these two.

I am so happy that Jonathan has a great friend in Brady.  Brady is the son of the Bradfords.  A family in our ward that has adopted us.  Brady was living in Utah, but in the last year has started a business.  He is slowly making the transition to a permanent move.  I can't wait for his family to get here. 

Brady and Jonathan are so much alike that you would think that they are brothers.  

While I am on the subject of the Bradford's, I have been wanting to post a little about them.  Coy and Luanne Bradford were one of the first to greet us in Arkansas.  They brought us pizza our first night here, and helped us two nights in a row to unpack.  Luanne and I hit it off, we are so much alike.

Since our meeting, they have become our Arkansas family.  No DeGraws, and Swensons we are not replacing you.  It is just nice to have someone to call family here.

The kids call Coy and Luanne, Nana and Papa.  I love having "grandparents" here for the kids.  The kids adore them, and they are just as spoiled as they would be by their own grandparents.  They have sleepovers, lots of treats and snuggles.

They also have a daughter Paige that I have become really close with.  I love spending an afternoon with Paige and Luanne.  It is so much fun, and feels like a day with my mom and sisters.

The kids call the Bradford children Aunt Paige, and Uncle Brady.  Brady has a daughter Stella's age and we can't wait until she has a "cousin" here.

They also have a daughter Michelle.  We don't see them as much, but I look forward to getting to know them better.

I have struggled with our move here, but I can't tell you the peace it brings to have a "family" here.  We are so thankful for the Bradfords. and all they do for us and the kids.  I am so thankful for the peace and comfort that they bring to us while we are so far away from our loved ones.

Paige and Luann

Paige and Luanne Bradford

So... on this gloomy day after the boys got home, I got to enjoy a day out with Luanne.  It has been so nice to go out without the kids, and just enjoy some girl time.  Who doesn't love to shop?  and we love to shop for the same things... Shoes, jewelry, and antiques.  Love you girls.

After our outing "Nana" always brings treats back for the kids.  Jonathan got one today too.  I just had to share Isaac enjoying his treat. 


"Mom, do my hands look sticky? They feel a little sticky."

Sticky FIngers copy

Thanks Nana.


Tara said...

Isaac looks so much like Jonathan! He is such a cutie. I'm glad you're having good times in Arkansas -- I think of you often, and love to see your updates!

Eileen said...

Oh how I love how you decorate!

Cute post.

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