Saturday, August 1, 2009

All about the Boys...

So... here is the Boy's room complete.

Boy's Room

Oh, I just love how this turned out.  It is so clean and spacious.  The boys love it too.  I was so worried because Jex is 7, and Isaac is 2.  I needed it to fit both their personalities and it so does.


We already had the bunk bed.  I just painted it black.  I already had the comforter for Jex, but because it was on his bunk bed it was so bulky.  So... don't tell anyone, but I cut it in 1/2.  I put the other half on Isaac's bed.  It works perfect.  Now they have matching comforters, and I saved money.

The sheets were a hmm mm, walmart special.   the small gray pillow was fabric that I already had.  In fact, it was the other side to the fabric that I made the kitchen curtains out of.  FREE FREE FREE FREE... I love it.

The Vinyl is once again from Scribble It.  I just love the saying.


B is for... Brothers and Buddies.

This is my favorite part of the room.  I had most of the frames.  I had to buy a few, but at 1/2 off at the Hob you can't beat it.  The big train photos were $3 each at and Antique store.  The date on the back says 1913.  The trains in the middle were taken by my friend Paige.  I took the rest.  Oh... and five dollars for the B.


Another View...

Dresser 2 copy

This dresser was the one my parents gave us when we had Jex.  It was my Mom's when she was a baby.  I painted it Black.  I think I have painted it with every child. 

I already had the lamp base, just had to buy the shade.  I already had all the accessories on the dresser.

The three metal boxes, were made by my handy dad.  I had them in Isaac's nursery.  I just painted them orange.  Then added the 3 words.  


Here is a close-up of the shelf in their room.  I already had this masculine shelf.  I just added the $6 orange pitcher and twigs.  I had the car sign, but bought the motorcycles at the Hob for 1/2 price.

Well...  I must say it feels so good to have these rooms done.  I have been waiting for the day that I could make a feminine room, and masculine room. 

I have am also starting to have a lot of contractions.  They are enough to concern my doctor some, but it is pretty normal for me.  However... I guess it is time to slow down.  I can now... because this is FINISHED, COMPLETE, DONE, and MAGNIFICENT.(if I do say so myself)


Tara said...

It is magnificent!!! Beautiful work, Andrea!

Pam said...

I Love them both!! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Love Love the rooms! You did a great job! I am going to be doing my boys room soon. What color did you paint their room?

Christal said...

I love EVERYTHING about this room! I think I esp like the wall grouping and the color combo! Nice!

Harrison's said...

You don't know me and I don't know you, so I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment =) but I was reading about your "alphabet summer" on the Errand of Angels and clicked on the link that went to your blog. I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your decorating style!!! It makes me want to redo my whole house and start shopping at antique shops! You have an amazing gift. Thanks for letting me peak in. By the way, the link went to your old blog -- do you know when your post was about the alphabet summer? I wanted to start doing something similar with by son this fall and was looking for ideas.

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