Monday, January 25, 2016

Make your kids Valentines unique using photoshop or your phone!

Have you asked your kids what they want to do for their Valentine this year?

It is right around the corner.

When my kids grew old enough to share Valetines with their friends, I got so excited!

It was about the time that I was learning to use photoshop so I decided that designing them a Valentine would be Awesome.

It was so fun.   I have enjoyed making Valentines that are unique and different than the ones you can buy at the store.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the Valentines that we have made in the past.

If you know how to use photoshop or illustrator, you could design your own too.

Here are some of the ideas we have used:

 photo Stella Valentine 2011 copy_zpsrmyupbii.jpg

 photo Jex Valentine copy_zps4bxfxnjp.jpg

 photo Isaac Valentine 2011 copy_zpsotarqzwn.jpg

 photo Ike valentine 2 copy_zpsoxap2j6z.jpg

Some of the first ones that we made were just like a postcard photo, and then we attached a treat.

One year, we even made cute little hair clips for the girls, and gave bubbles to the boys. 


Jex even gave super hero button pins one year.  It has been fun to think outside the box of just candy.

When Tess was little I just couldn’t stand not to make one for her.  We would mail them to her cousins.

 photo Tess Valentine 2011 copy_zpscnhrpriu.jpg

 photo Valentine 2013 copy_zps276lrnqu.jpg

I even had so much fun designing them, that I made one to send to Grandparents:

 photo kids valentine 2013 copy_zps1zx0meh2.jpg

Then we starting making some that had a theme.  When Jex was in fourth grade he was really into Pokemon.  He came up with the idea of using a character from Pokemon named Axew.  This is what we came up with:

 photo Valentine 2013 3 copy_zpsetdlkesj.jpg

We attached a package of popcorn to it.

 photo edit jex_zpszrnsfuot.jpg

That same year, Stella was really into Owl’s.  This is what we made for her Valentine:

 photo Stella valentine 2013 copy_zpsgaxynhkt.jpg

Then we made water bottle wraps with the same cute saying, and attached a drink packet:

 photo collage_zpsp0f9juzf.jpg

If you like this water bottle idea, you can download the print for free to make your own; click on the print below:

 photo Water Bottle Printable_zpshmqyjv0o.jpg

Isaac’s was a pretty simple one that year:

 photo Ike_zpsfkgwom04.jpg

A little “fun” dip makes it complete:

 photo valentine ideas 2013 2 of 4ed_zpsk1jfkx6g.jpg

We also had a lot of fun one year with a mustache straw attached to a water bottle, and then this cute message:

 photo Jex Valentine copy 2_zpsfaysf3jk.jpg

Stella wanted to give her friends hot chocolate one year.  So we stapled this cute little Valentine to a package of hot chocolate with some pink heart marshmallows:

 photo Stella Valentine copy_zpssd6d2tfa.jpg

We also had some fun with Star Wars:

 photo Ike 2014 yoda_zpsa1vmrufb.jpg

A glow stick becomes the light saber:

 photo Valentines 2014-0835_zpsifuvuo6m.jpg

Stella saw these cute twinkie minions on pinterest a few years back, so we borrowed the print from this site, then made the minions.

 photo Valentines 2014-0842_zps0rjwqbsd.jpg

This is the Valentine we put with it:

 photo Stella 14 one in a minion_zpsi66qpr6s.jpg

 photo Valentines 2014-0841_zpsi0dtjnpz.jpg

When Jex was a 5th grader, we tried to keep it cool:

 photo jex you rule 14_zpsqri3stvp.jpg

We made a pocket with the Valentine and paper, and slipped in a ruler.  I bought a 3 pack at the dollar tree.

 photo Valentines 2014-0837_zpsfo9uaeuq.jpg

This was Tessa’s first real Valentine.  She was in preschool this year and Frozen was the big thing.

Olaf was the perfect snowman to join Tess on her Valentine:

 photo Tessa Valentine melting 2014_zpsf5dgnokr.jpg

Then an adorable heart-shaped chocolate becomes the balloon:

 photo Valentines 2014-0839_zpskc0txb3g.jpg

For those of you who want to make something like this for your kids and you don’t have photoshop, you could always use an app on your phone.  I have started designing invites to things using the Rhonna Farrer app.  You should try it.  It is so easy.  In fact, I just made this Valentine using 2 of her apps to show you that you could:

 photo IMG_1767_zpsmef730pl.jpg

This is made with the Rhonna Farrer app, and Rhonna Farrer Collage.

Using the 2 together works awesome and is so quick.  You can go back and forth and import between the 2 apps.

I have also used Phonto when I want to include fun text.

It’s amazing what we can do on our phones.

Happy Valentine Ideas!!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

I’m off to figure out what we are doing this year.


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