Thursday, January 21, 2016

How we keep warm in the winter…

 photo Baby its cold outside_zpsr0nivuo6.jpg

I live in one of the coldest parts of Utah.  We often get into the negative numbers.

 photo winter snow-0765_zpshyp4nd0i.jpg

This has been hard for a girl who spent the last decade of her life in warmer climates.

 photo winter snow-0709_zps7aidqb4q.jpg

I swear it hasn’t stopped snowing here for days.

 photo Kids Skiing January 2014 9 of 32_zpsqczmmgv2.jpg

Which has been awesome for my little skiiers.

 photo winter snow-0718_zpsx6dhvx8c.jpg

I remember as a little girl feeling so loved when my mom would have hot chocolate all ready for us, after a day of sledding.

Love comes in the smallest of forms.

I decided to make the hot chocolate love readily accessible for my little kiddos.

Meet our hot chocolate bar:

 photo Project Hot Chocolate Bar-0520_zpshrc4ys4g.jpg

This was super simple to put together.

I found an adorable tray at Tai Pan trading.

 photo Project Hot Chocolate Bar-0513_zps8rnleejg.jpg

I brought it home and filled it up with goodies I already had.

 photo Project Hot Chocolate Bar-0534_zpswfxowlrn.jpg

Some cute mugs, in two sizes.  Perfect for the smaller people in your life, and the hungrier souls that want chocolate love too.

I grabbed a fun bowl and filled it with all sorts of toppings for your hot chocolate.

I raided my baking bin.

We used, chocolate chips, toffee bits, mint bits, peppermint bits, and you can’t forget the marshmallows. 

 photo Project Hot Chocolate Bar-0522_zpsyeyfff37.jpg

Yes!! the marshmallows get hard being left out, but that’s my favorite kind.

I added some adorable straws to each mug(just to make it look pretty, oh, and it’s fun to drink that way!)

 photo Project Hot Chocolate Bar-0530_zpsg5l1lr3r.jpg

Then I set out some delicious hot chocolate flavors.

 photo Project Hot Chocolate Bar-0539_zpsphue14ax.jpg

This is our favorite kind.  This is a Utah Company, and oh so delicious.

My favorite flavor is the white hot chocolate.  Yum!

I also set out some individual hot chocolate packets for those who don’t care for the flavored kind(plus, I had them on hand.)

 photo Project Hot Chocolate Bar-0528_zpsud3yldvi.jpg

I set out a mug of peppermint stick stirrers, at the time it was a Santa mug.  Now, it is a generic mug for winter.  You can find the peppermint stirrers at the Dollar Tree.

 photo Project Hot Chocolate Bar-0524_zpszhmawdju.jpg

You can’t forget a little festive pine tree to give the station that winter look.

 photo Project Hot Chocolate Bar-0542_zpsty3ymxeg.jpg

This has been so fun for our family to have accessible. 

The kids love to make their own hot chocolate, and they can do it any time.

When I know they need a little more love from me, I make it for them.Winking smileRed heart

 photo Project Hot Chocolate Bar-0545_zps2xoc6ca5.jpg

A little trick we have learned is to just use really hot tap water for the younger kids.  It is the perfect tempature.

It doesn’t need to be made any hotter, and then it’s ready for them to drink right away.

My sweet Stella, likes her’s made with hot milk.

 photo Project Hot Chocolate Bar-0520_zpshrc4ys4g.jpg

Any way you drink it, it does warm your heart and soul.


Pam said...

Where did you get the cute little pine tree?

Deanna Gemmer said...

Adorable! My daughters love hot cocoa with hot water and then a splash of cold milk to cool it down. Plus the milk makes it creamy. Yummy!

Amy said...

The view from your house is breathtaking! We love us some good hot chocolate here in WI, too!

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