Thursday, January 28, 2016

Intimidated by digital scrapbooking? Give it a try on your phone!!

Y’all know that I am a huge scrapbooker.  I used to scrapbook with paper and scissors.  About 8 years ago, I learned the tricks of digital scrapbooking; and I was hooked. 

So… I put my paper and scissors away, and got a laptop.  I digital scrapbook when I can, but don’t have as much time as I would like.

I recently decided that in order to not get any further behind than I already am, that I would scrapbook life as it happens.  Many of you have heard of project life.  It is basically making a scrapbook page every week.  That concept is to keep you current.  I like the concept, but it never really meshed with how I like to scrapbook.

Then, Becky Higgins came out with the Project Life app, and now after about a year of having it on my phone, I have decided to use it. 

I started to use it to scrapbook my pages as life happens.  I don’t use their concept of one page a week, I just scrapbook pages about what we have going on in life.

I still love to scrapbook on my computer, so I do that too.

The phone is super convienent though because I can do it while I am waiting in a car line, or at the orthodontist.  I want to use my phone for good, and there is nothing better for me to be using it for; other than using it to read my scriptures(which I do too.)

I so believe in the importance of recording our history and our memories.

The part that had been holding me back for a whole year, was how I would get photos off my big camera and on to my phone for scrapbooking?

I didn’t want to email all of them to myself.  So… that is where this came in to play.


The best $30 EVER.  It transfers photos from my SD card on to my phone.  That way if I want to scrapbook on my phone using pics that I took on my Nikon, I can quickly transfer them.

How do the two scrapbooking methods compare?

These are digital pages from my computer:

Family Pictures 3 copy

Family Pictures 4 copy

These are digital pages from my phone:



I like the mix.  The phone pages are simpler, and my computer pages are a little more complex.

It’s fun to have both.

Here is an example of how I used pictures from my Nikon, transfered them to my phone with my lightening to SD, and then scrapbooked them. 



This was awesome, because I took the pics, and scrapbooked them like 1 hour later while I was waiting at an appointment.

Scrapbooking on your phone, is soooo simple.  It also takes less time. I can scrapbook so much faster on my phone, because it is simple.

I am also thinking that this is a great way for those of you who are intimidated by photoshop to start scrapbooking.

I made these pages last night in about 1 hour:







That includes editing the pics on my phone.

I love these apps for editing:

snapseed, warmlight, vsco

I use these apps for scrapbooking:

Rhonna Farrer designs, Rhonna Farrer Collage, Project Life, Phonto

I like the mix of Project Life and Rhonna Farrer.  I use Rhonna Farrer Design app to add the fun embellishments.  I also use the Rhonna Farrer collage app to give me a change with layout choices.  I love Project Life for the ease of just laying out the page.  Then use the other apps to spice it up.

I also use Phonto for other font options.

I have spent a little money buying more paper packs and embellishments from both apps, and it’s been worth it.

Want to know more about how I computer scrapbook?  More info here.

I hope this inspires you to use your phone for a creative outlet:

Scrapbook on your phone!!  It ROCKS!!


Stella said...

These LO's are fab! And I love your new blog design too!

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

I LoVe that you still motivate me to try scrap-booking more! If only you were closer to teach another class! Thank you for posting the apps you use and inspiring me to push myself in this area! Miss all you cuteness and amazingly fun ideas!

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