Wednesday, July 22, 2015

All about number 2.

I have been trying to write about each child here on my blog, so I can remember all about them at this time in their life.  I have already shared about Tess and Isaac.

Now it is the second child’s turn.

 photo Stella 12x12 final_zpsciek8rqx.jpg

Stella is almost 11 years old.  I am not sure where the time went.

 photo DSC_0318_zps9lffvt2b.jpg

About 12 years ago when we were contemplating having another baby, I had a dream about her.

 photo Mt. Loafer 2004 004_zpsanyxikky.jpg

In my dream, I saw this beautiful baby girl named Grace.

When I got pregnant just a few weeks later, I knew we were having a girl.

When she was born, we named her Stella Grace.  She was born in Utah, while her dad was away at school in the Caribbean.  She decided to come a little early, and he didn’t make it in time.

 photo Me and Stella_zps248plhcw.jpg

I think she knew she had to come.  The cord was wrapped around her neck 2 times and was choking her when she would turn her head.  I knew then that we had a smart, strong, brave, little cookie on our hands.

 photo Stella and J Airport_zpsrfyprorc.jpg

Stella met her dad for the first time in the SLC airport when she was 1 week old.

 photo October 2005 007_zpstcbuebzu.jpg

That has not stopped them from having a close relationship. 

 photo dream girls room_zpsaurzvbwu.jpg

Stella and Jonathan share a special bond.

Stella loves to have lots of friends, and is all about having fun.  She has always enjoyed having lots of friends. 

 photo Stellas Christmas Party-0216_zpso0fm8rzt.jpg

She is also very free-spirited, and doesn’t worry much about time or working quickly.  This has been some what of a struggle for me, because I always have my time mapped out and work very fast.

 photo Disneyland 2014-0246_zpsx5cva6pk.jpg 

We have learned not to let it get in our way.  We are learning to meet in the middle.  I slow down some, and she will speed up a little.  There are many times I wish I was a little more carefree like Stella.

 photo Classic Skating--21_zpsniuuuq8e.jpg

Stella came knowing what she wants.  She has always been very opinionated. 

She always knows what she wants things to look like.  She always knows what she wants her birthday cakes to look like.  Every year, I have to work hard to replicate her ideas.

 photo collage 5_zpsptkt5oov.jpg

She has always wanted to pick out her clothes, and has in mind how she wants everything to be.  For example, she usually has her Halloween costume picked out 6 months in advance. 

 photo Stella 2_zpslk2cxmhn.jpg

She was not very excited last year when I made her be Anna, because Isaac and Tess were being Olaf and Elsa. 

 photo Halloween-0984_zps1bgpi3k0.jpg

We took a trip to Disney for the Disney Halloween party, and I wanted them to have coordinating costumes.

 photo Halloween-0967_zps6lz4ntse.jpg

She was not!, however, being Anna for Halloween at home!!  This was a battle for us because I put so much time in to making her costume. Once again, we compromised.  She wore Anna to school, and borrowed Batgirl from a friend for her evening with friends. 

 photo Halloween-1144_zpslpwuhdub.jpg

I am learning with kids, it’s all about the compromise.

Stella discovered last year that she loves to run.  She took second place in the North Park Mile for our school.  She has such long pretty legs, and makes such a good runner. 

 photo North Park Mile-0075_zpszhtnp07u.jpg

This year, she let discouragement overtake her during the race.  She had to fight her way to the front in the beginning and wore herself out very quickly.  Then she psyched herself out over it, and decided that she couldn’t do it.  She literally stopped when she was right in the front about 2/3rd of the way through.  My friend Emily grabbed her and helped her keep going, and she still finished in 5th place.

 photo North Park Mile 2015-0281_zpsywnhi0gw.jpg

  She learned that day that she can do hard things.  This saying hangs in her room to remind her that she is awesome, and she has to remember that.

 photo scrapbook weekend mantua-0248_zpsl9vba9wt.jpg

  I think that can be hard for young girls to remember.

Stella loves to bake. 

 photo Stella Cookies5_zpscdlbl73r.jpg

I started teaching her when she was three and she is pretty self-sufficient in the kitchen now. 

 photo CIMG3876ed_zpsbzisx36s.jpg

Last year, she baked with her friends for several days. 

 photo Summer around here June 2014-0220_zpsxbtchav1.jpg

Then they put on a bake sale.  It was fun to see her work so hard for something. 

 photo Stellas bake sale 2_zpsp79sqxuj.jpg

She is a delicious baker. 

 photo Stellas bake sale 1_zpsnn6sdrih.jpg

We recently went to the public library.  All she checked out were cookbooks.  That’s what she wants to be when she grows up.

She has always loved being a mommy.  She loved both times we brought new babies home.

 photo January 2008 015_zps8nw53ezr.jpg

When Tess was born, Stella was 5. 

 photo Stella and Tessa 2_zpsencdnrla.jpg

She would hold Tess on her lap when she was a newborn for hours.  I would make dinner and Stella would sit and hold Tessa.  She tries to be the mother figure a lot with the kids, and I think it’s because she is the oldest girl.  It is so helpful when I’m not around or I need her help. 

 photo Stella and Tess-10cr_zpsahmpqi8f.jpg

The little kids don’t like it though when I am around.  They think she is being bossy.  I think she will be a wonderful mother.  She is very interested in babysitting for other people now.

She has been very good to help take care of her nieces and nephews.

 photo cousin pictures-0103_zps9sy1hhnd.jpg

Stella came to our house tough.  She rarely cries.  She is not the type of girl that wants to open up about girl problems or something bothering her, and just let it all out.

 photo Stella 1 2_zpsrqoovwfw.jpg

If she does, then she will cry!!  I mean really cry.  When she finally lets it all out, she can cry hard.  I just let her lay on my lap when that happens and cry it out.  I think she cried the hardest when she moved from Kindergarten to 1st grade and didn’t get to see her Kindergarten teacher every day.

 photo Stella at her desk 1_zps8weivhml.jpg

  She just sobbed because she missed her so much.  

Stella had her tonsils out at 5, and was so tough. 

 photo DSC_0506_zps2f5vxuiz.jpg

Since then, she has broken 2 bones.

 photo Stella cast off-0913_zps2xs05oxl.jpg

The last bone was her foot.  She came over to me with tears on her cheeks.  She wasn’t sobbing.  She just let the tears roll, not making a sound.  I knew immediately that she had broken a bone, because she doesn’t cry when she gets hurt.  I knew it must be bad enough if she was going to cry. 

 photo IMG_5619_zpsemmbeuzy.jpg

Jex has always been her best friend. 

 photo Stellas broken wrist 4 of 4_zpszjpcmksa.jpg

They share a special bond.

 photo Disneyland 2014-0137_zpsuuhlo0cb.jpg

One of her favorite things to do is just have mom all to herself.  She wants to go shopping with me, or just chill on the couch and watch a girl show.  She loves watching HGTV with me, or talking about house design with me.

 photo IMG_5761_zpses19y3m2.jpg

Stella loves comfortable clothes.  She doesn’t care to be all dressed up.  She loves to be comfortable.  You will usually see her in running shorts with her hair in a pony.  This love of comfort also adds to her opinions about what clothes she wants.  She has always been this way.  At a very early age, she would ask me to cut the tags out of her clothes because she couldn’t stand them rubbing against her.

 photo Stella 1_zpsqeb0s1dc.jpg

Stella has become an awesome photographer. 

 photo Spring BReak 2015-1076_zpseuemzdwz.jpg

She has a very good eye for composition.  However, she hates to edit pictures or deal with unloading them on her computer.  I’m helping her learn to love it. 

 photo Stelly Belly Photography_zpsvfoo2yyx.jpg

She wants to start her own photography business.  She might have to train her brother to edit for her. 

Stella is very creative, and always wants to be working on some sort of project.

 photo Valentines 2015-0306_zpsl6ie78nf.jpg

She comes up with some great ideas.  When she plans FHE she puts lots of thought into it.  This is her photo booth she set-up for Family Home Evening one night.

 photo Stella FHE photo booth-0125_zpsywg9s21r.jpg

Stella also likes to be funny, the life of the party and very sarcastic.  She is very witty.

 photo Sledding and Snow at Grandmas-0565_zpsaszdkvtq.jpg

Her favorite food is salad.  She really doesn’t like to eat unhealthy things; unless it’s cotton candy of course.

 photo Stella and the candy_zps2z1hscai.jpg

Stella started taking dance when she was really little.

 photo Stella 4_zpsi0hjjky0.jpg

After a few years she decided that she didn’t want to do it anymore.

 photo 3 with copyright_zps2agocycj.jpg

Now, she has taken it up again, and has had to work really hard to learn all the stuff she missed during those years that she took off. 

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0095_zpsv0ypmpq4.jpg

I am very proud of her.  She worked hard this year, and made a competitive team.

There is only one thing in life that Stella really wants, and that is a Dog.  She has been begging us since she was so little.  She is thrilled that we finally caved and gave in.

new dog-0414  

We hope that Saba settles in, and I pray that Stella can do all the potty training. 

 photo stella grace_zpsk2y9uinh.jpg

Stella has picked up skiing beautifully, and has turned into someone who can keep up with her dad on skis.

 photo Stellas baptism pictures-1228_zpsb1zbluys.jpg

Stella adds so much to our family.  We are so blessed to have her in our home. 

 photo BampW tutu_zpsdhomfedt.jpg

I pray she continues to grow up to be such a fun, spunky, brave, and amazing girl.

 photo Front anoncement copy_zpsz7zo3sa2.jpg 

I pray that as her mother, I can give her what she needs and embellish the beautiful qualities that she possesses. 

 photo Family Pictures 2014-7390_zpsyylf7k2p.jpg

…and that is a little bit about Stella.


KW said...

She is such a fun girl! Definitely could be my daughter with her sarcasm.

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