Monday, July 20, 2015

“Time Travelers”

As y’all know I am done with my photography business.

Sometimes it makes me sad, but then when I sit down just to unload the pictures on my camera; I remember why.

I remember that I got so caught up on taking pictures of others, that I didn’t have many of my own children.

This year, the girls took dance at a really fun company.

However, they scheduled the girls dance pictures for a Saturday.

It happened to be a Saturday that we were out of town. 

I knew I wouldn’t buy the pictures anyways, when I can take them myself.

I was excited to make time to do a photo-shoot with my girls.

I normally would have just taken them on recital day when they were all dressed and ready.

Recital happened to be just 7 days after I had my neck surgery, and the recital was all I could manage.

I  have hardly any pictures of the girls on recital day, and the ones of have were taken with my phone.

So… a couple of weekends ago, I got the girls dressed back up.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0060_zpsjytyd2dh.jpg

We curled hair.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0031_zpsvyjrmff4.jpg

We put make-up on.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0006_zpsqrpjqy7c.jpg

All for some photos in those cute costumes.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0079_zpspqfowcbx.jpg

It was a hot day, but they put up with me and let me snap away.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0033_zps3yyiuvv9.jpg

I put up with little miss making this dance face for all the pictures.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0153_zpsnuau55cu.jpg

It is never easy to get your kids all dressed up.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0309_zpseeestfyx.jpg

Then listen to them ask, “are we done yet?”

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0141_zps0bq6ou2f.jpg

It’s not easy to sweat it out in the heat, for a few great pictures.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0095_zpsctj99iis.jpg

Then, when you come home and unload them; you realize this is the reward.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0242_zpsszteqdso.jpg

I have never gone back and looked through photos, and wished I didn’t have them.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0189_zpshingqzuw.jpg

I have only smiled, and thought of the memory that went along with it.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0171_zpshbtg7cyt.jpg

Recently, a woman that I follow through social media lost her son.  She is a big scrapbooker and photo taker.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0304_zpsbsyyl5wj.jpg

She said, “Please take photos of your loves!!! Please print them, and save them.  I will forever be thankful for these.”  It was also written in one of the feeds, that she called photos the “time travelers.”

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0054_zpsjoiu09eq.jpg

I believe this to be true.  Photos help us travel back through time.  We remember when we see the memory in print.

You all know how I feel about pictures, but I encourage you to take MORE.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0208_zpsfs5uxqah.jpg

Take them, and print them, and save them.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0168_zpscbjekbvl.jpg

Sweat it out in the heat.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0193_zpsoa8gjzy4.jpg

Make them curl their hair, and get dressed up.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0044_zpszdb4lofb.jpg

Watch them in the little things, and capture the everyday moments.

 photo Girls Dance Pictures 2015-0295_zpsqsy5imdx.jpg

Life is too short.

Capture your memories.

Allow yourself the beauty of “Time Travel.”

I know I will be grateful for these precious photos of my two little dancers.

P.S.  I am so proud of Stella and Tessa. Both of the girls tried out and made a competitive dance team with their company this year.  Way to go girls!!


April said...

You have two very gorgeous girls! Love the pics! I am so saddened by the tragedy in Heidi Swapp's family! It really does make you think about all these pictures and getting them printed out.

katie@tulsadetails said...

Beautiful pictures! Your girls are just stunning!! Hope you're feeling great!

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