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May Happenings Part 2- 2015

Thanks for following along with all we have been up to the last six months, and supporting me while I catch up for history sake.

Swenson Family Memories May 2015

1.  I was thrilled when I got a letter in the mail telling me that we had been invited to the “Breakfast of Champions” at Jex’s school.  This meant that he had straight A’s every semester and excellent behavior all year long.  Jex worked really hard to receive this honor.  It was nice to be invited, and be a part of it. It’s such a big thing to accomplish when your starting 6th grade at a new school.  I am very proud of all he has accomplished, and how well he has transitioned.

 photo Breakfast of Champions-0362_zps38za1tai.jpg

I was also so proud of his friends who worked hard to receive the same honor.

2.  In the middle of May, we got to enjoy the 3 oldest kids at their piano recital.

Isaac has grown so much with his piano skills.  He played a fun duet with his teacher.

 photo Spring Piano Recital-0510_zpsircparje.jpg

Jex and Stella played a duet together.  It was fun to see them share the piano bench.

 photo Spring Piano Recital-0516_zpss99mmnf7.jpg


3. Memorial Day weekend came and we didn’t have many plans.  We just enjoyed being together before my big surgery that was scheduled for the end of the month. I made them promise that they wouldn’t make any plans.

 photo Our Anniversary-0605_zpsjlw1twdj.jpg

I did think about all the brave men and women who sacrifice for our freedom.  I loved waking up and seeing this flag flying in my yard.  I am proud to be an American.  I know we are blessed with so much.

4.  At the end of the month, I was scheduled to have a pretty intense neck surgery.  It was important to me that the kids save the weekend before to just hang out as a family.  I wanted to be together before I went in for surgery, and would be down for a bit.

 photo IMG_8860_zpspz5tnm71.jpg

We went out to dinner, and then to a movie.

 photo IMG_8858_zpsoqdnk6he.jpg

Dinner was fun.  We enjoyed some fun conversation.

 photo IMG_8870_zpsacdchmid.jpg

We loved the movie!  Tess enjoyed the back of her eyelids.

5.  May 20th, came and brought our 16th Anniversary. 

 photo IMG_8806_zpszvbx0bfw.jpg

I can’t believe we have been married so long. 

It has gone so fast.  I am so thankful for Jonathan.

Jonathan brought me beautiful flowers.

 photo IMG_8833_zpsiga9ehdx.jpg

May 20th was a Thursday, so we snuck out around 9:30pm and went for Ice cream.

 photo IMG_8808_zpszijyt7kf.jpg

Then on the weekend, we went to the Anniversary Inn to celebrate our 16 years.

 photo Our Anniversary-0534_zpsrztxhna1.jpg

It was a nice getaway.

6. Spring always brings lots of weekends of baseball, and weeknights of baseball practice. 

 photo spring baseball 1_zps3cn1lca0.jpg

 photo Girls Spring Dance Recital-0054_zpszy1pyngd.jpg

It’s been fun to watch Jex play this year, and make such great friends.

 photo Girls Spring Dance Recital-0049_zpsei03cspi.jpg

He has a wonderful coach and teammates, and has learned so much from them.

 photo Girls Spring Dance Recital-0105bw_zpsnk401prq.jpg

He is in love with this sport, and is crazy about baseball.

 photo Spring Baseball-0620_zpshbowg9hj.jpg

 photo Girls Spring Dance Recital-0027_zpssxwdrb3o.jpg

7.  This is one of my favorite parts of the day.

  photo Tess and Dad Loves-0354_zpspwn5gao3.jpg

Tess loves when her dad gets home from work.

 photo Tess and Dad Loves-0343_zpsyfivytiw.jpg

I bet she asks me at least 3 times a day when he is coming home.

 photo Tess and Dad Loves-0350_zpsji7g18eq.jpg

8.  The kids had a fun field day at school.  I tried hard to make it to all the events, but it was such a busy day.

 photo Field Day-0666_zpsnyde2ei9.jpg

I did make it to watch Stella participate with her friends.

 photo Field Day-0667_zpsvt3p83jt.jpg 

She also enjoyed doing her acrobatics as well.

I felt so bad that I missed Isaac, but I did go in and say “hi” to the cute little boy.

 photo Field Day-0700_zpsbvgl43o6.jpg

I snapped this photo of him with his teacher.

She wasn’t very happy with me taking her picture, because she had been dunked in the dunking booth.  In fact, this little boy is the one who hit the target to dunk her. 

She has been a wonderful influence on him.  We will certainly miss her.

9.  Tess went to 2 separate preschools this year.

She had wonderful experiences at both.  With 2 preschools, that meant 2 preschool graduations.

The first was at Crayon Corner Preschool.  Miss Tracy is the best teacher.

 photo Tess Preschool Grad Miss Traci-0380_zpsixhhm5o4.jpg

The graduation was so cute with them singing songs and performing for us.

 photo Tess Preschool Grad Miss Traci-0384_zpsblry6u2f.jpg

Then of course it ends with her preschool diploma.

 photo Tess Preschool Grad Miss Traci-0388_zpsfx7zccvv.jpg

It was so important to her that she get one last swing on the swing set before we left.

 photo Tess Preschool Grad Miss Traci-0420_zpsnxyuo1to.jpg

The second preschool is smaller, and the same one she attended last year.

We absolutely love Miss Becky.

They also sang songs, and recited a part to a poem.

 photo Tess Preschool Grad Miss Becky-0474_zpsab7oxgqv.jpg

I practiced and practiced with Tess, but she still needed a little help.

Her smile made the part, and I couldn’t help but smile too.

 photo Tess Preschool Grad Miss Becky-0501_zps8eyd2tyf.jpg

Then she received one more diploma.  Man that girl must be one smart cookie.

10.  We ended the month with my surgery at Mckay Dee Hospital in Ogden.

It was a pretty intense neck surgery.  I had to have a cyst removed from a nerve that was coming out of my spinal column.

 photo IMG_8912_zpsll5befrv.jpg

I spent a couple nights in the hospital, and my sisters came to the rescue to stay with the kids.

Kristin came first, and she really stepped in.

The kids last day of school was the day after my surgery.  She really stepped in and helped with tradition.

11.  I was so sad to leave the kids and not be there when they got home on the last day of school.

We have a tradition of soaking the kids with hoses, water balloons, and squirt guns when they get off the bus.


Kristin stepped in and kept up our tradition.


I’m so grateful she took a few pictures so that I could see all the fun.


I think her kids had so much fun being a part of it.


I also think having her kids around helped my kids not worry so much about what was going on.

My other sister came a few days later and helped around too.

I am thankful for them and all their help.

May was a busy busy month. 

I am always so happy for summer to start.  This summer started off a little differently.  I wasn’t exactly the kind of mom I usually am.  That surgery knocked me down for a bit.

Having summer activities in full swing, made me recover quick and jump right into June.

Speaking of June, I’ll share all about that soon.

Thanks for keeping up with the Swenson’s.


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