Thursday, July 16, 2015

Have you ever said…

I will never….?

Have you heard the phrase never say never?

Or I’m eating my own words?

As a mother, I have eaten my own words a lot.

When I didn’t have kids or only had one child, and I saw a child throwing a tantrum in the store; I may have gone home saying…

“My Children, will NEVER act like that!”

Then I had Stella, and I ate my words, when she threw many tantrums including a doozy in Lowes.  There was lots of jumping up and down, and “I don’t like you”, being said. I was so embarrassed…

…and then I ate my own words. 

It was from then on that I smiled and offered encouraging words like, “I’ve been there”, to any mother I saw who had children throwing tantrums at the store.

We moms have to stick together.

In my life, I have eaten my words a lot.

Every time has been a learning and growing experience.  I feel like I mature with each letter that I swallow.  I begin to understand life a little more.

I am really learning that “Never say Never” is good advice.

…and once again I am swallowing big letters that spell out the word N. E. V. E. R.

I have always said, “We will NEVER have a dog.”

Well, guess what…

new dog-0414

The Swenson’s are getting a dog.


Meet Saba, pronounced Say-Buh.


She is named after the island of Saba that we lived on in the Caribbean:

 photo SabaAerial2_zps4259aba0.jpg

This is little Saba when she was just 10 days old, and just days after my neck surgery:


My friend brought her over to make me smile.  I think this is my first smile after the surgery.  This is the day I knew that I would be eating my words, and getting a dog. 

She was literally the size of a twinkie that day:


The love of my life, I call him Loverboy, wasn’t quite sure getting a dog was a good idea either.  He loves dogs, and grew up with dogs.  He also loves me, and knows how much I like to have routine and cleanliness.  He was most worried about me and the change of getting a dog.


The he held her, she snuggled in, and he fell in love too.


We are all smitten.


She is a little Yorkie. 

She is still just a little puppy, weighing in at 1.4 pounds.


Saba’s mommy, passed away when Saba was just 5 weeks old. 

It was so sad.  I cried for my dear friend Heather who lost her sweet dog, Roxy.


This is my friend Emily, whose dog is the daddy, helping to supplement the puppies with milk.  It’s been fun to be getting a dog whose parents belong to 2 of my dearest friends.


The plan was to get Saba during the first week of August, but since Roxy, Saba’s mom is gone; we are getting her earlier.

 new dog-0417

We just found out that we get to take her this weekend.

new dog-0419

I feel so unprepared, but I think that’s what I need to learn to do with a puppy; just roll with the punches.


So..  wish me luck, and remember…

Never say Never.

It’s good advice, I promise.


Leslie Posey said...

she is soooo adorable!! I love animals however I'm not a huge fan of them in my house. From my experience long hair dogs don't shed much at all. On the other hand short hair dogs shed really bad! I bet she won't shed. I would gladly take a yorkie...I think they are so cute. Now you get to travel with 4 kids and a dog! She is a cutie and will create fights between the kids in who gets to hold her! Its like a new baby...Hey that gives me an idea...I might have to get a new baby(a puppy) when I want another baby! LOL

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