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A while back, I decided to write about each of our children.  I wanted to remember them better right now, at this stage of life, and record all the reasons I love.  I love each child I’ve been blessed with, but I love them all for different reasons. 

I wrote about Tess, not so long ago.  Now it is Isaac’s turn.

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Isaac is number 3. He is the baby that made me feel like a real mom.

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I didn’t feel like I was playing house anymore.  I was really a mom of 3 kids.  I kind-of, sort-of, knew what I was doing now; and he helped me feel peace.  I was less stressed and felt so comfortable in my role as a mom.

 photo Isaac scary face_zps43qdlfrn.jpg

Isaac is the middle child.  Sometimes it is hard being in the middle.  I often worry that he is being forgotten about.  I worry that he gets lost in shuffle.  As a mom, I am working so hard to not let that happen.  I even remind the older kids that I need their help making a place for Isaac.  Isaac is worth making a place for.

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He has the most adorable smirky smile.  He gets this smile anytime we tease him, by asking him about girls at school.  I love seeing him smirk.

 photo Isaac smile 2_zpso2ff0ag7.jpg

When Isaac was a toddler, Jonathan used to lay by him at night and whisper to him, “Isaac, you are my special boy.”  Anytime he feels sad or lost, I always remind him that he is a special boy.  Not only to his earthly father, but also to his Heavenly Father.(and to me of course)

 photo Isaac_zps1he7d35r.jpg

Isaac loves to touch everything in sight.  If it’s there, he must touch it.  It has gotten him in trouble on many occasions, and has caused some complicated consequences.  He is learning and growing as he understands the power of choices and the result of consequences. He is learning to tame his impulsiveness.  I love that he is trying so hard.

 photo Isaac berries_zpspsumgae1.jpg

Isaac loves to recount stories.  Any story he watches on television or reads in a book, he wants to retell to me.  He doesn’t leave out any details, and he wants you to listen to the whole thing.  He has such a good memory.  He also loves to recount funny moments from movies.  He will say, “mom, remember when…”, and then he goes on and on about how funny it was.  He makes me laugh.

 photo Isaac 7_zpsvbhqpmwj.jpg

Isaac loves to growl.  Remember when I talked about him smirking about girls we tease him about?  Well, he will also include a growl with that.  Like Grrrr… you are teasing me.  He started growling when he was just 9 months old.  He would growl and growl, and was so excited about using his voice.  When he was about 3, we would walk down the hall at the kids school, and he would lean over and growl at the kids walking down the hall in the opposite direction.  It always made us laugh.  You never knew who he would growl at.  Now, he mostly just growls at us, but that growl has become endearing.

 photo isaacmark_zpsvlm1istc.jpg

When he was born, I was completely smitten with him.  Those long eyelashes and big blue eyes won my heart.  He still has my heart, and I am still smitten with him.  I just thing he is so adorable.  Every mom thinks that right?  He makes my heart sing, each time I see him.

 photo April 2009 004_zpshs18ca0l.jpg

Isaac has always been a very good big brother to Tessa. He protects her in such a loving older brother kinda way.  He loves to read to her each night, and always wants to sleep in her room.

 photo Tess and Isaac_zpssq0nhpsc.jpg

Isaac’s emotions run deep.  If he is happy, he is oh so happy.  If he is sad, he is oh so sad.  It’s a hard thing when he is sad.  It can almost break your heart. 

 photo Concern_zps56o1a8es.jpg

Here is an example of one of my favorite Isaac stories.  All about his emotions and a very important balloon.  Click on the picture to take you there:

 photo BW Ballon 4_zpsrntuuvsk.jpg

Isaac is very athletic in a very innocent way.  He has natural abilities that make him very good at everything he tries.  When I mean innocent way, he isn’t cocky about it.  He doesn’t even realize how natural he is at athleticism.

 photo Isaac Baseball June 2014-0216_zpsvjbm5pjm.jpg

Isaac is the king of Lego sets.  He could build Lego sets from a very early age, and it still amazing at them.  When he grows up, he wants to be a professional Lego set designer.

 photo Isaac Legos-0242_zpsv9rhgdcm.jpg

Isaac always gets 100% on his math tests.  He loves math and is very good at it.  He is also the first in his class to finish all of his math timings.  He is very proud of this and tells me every day how far he has come.  I am grateful that school is important to him.  He is also a very good reader, and is starting to enjoy more chapter books.

 photo Isaac kiss_zpsa4qs9q3h.jpg

Isaac was not a morning person.  I was so worried when he started first grade that I was never going to be able to get him out of bed.  He used to growl and kick whenever I went to tell him it was time to wake up.  So this year when he started first grade, we decided that we would set a goal.  I wanted him to be able to learn how to get up on his own.  I also mentioned that by showering first, it would help his mind and body wake up.  He agreed to the goal, and so we got him an alarm and set it.  It wakes him up, and he hops right out of bed to jump in the shower.  The funny thing is now he doesn’t need the alarm. His body just wakes up about that time ready to go.  I am grateful for his example of setting a goal to change, and actually achieving that goal.  Now, I need to learn how to get up in the morning and not be a bear.  Ugh!! Mornings are hard for me.

 photo CIMG3873ed_zpsbnkl4ryn.jpg

Isaac loves to help in the kitchen.  Whenever I am cooking, he always asks if there is something he can do.  His favorite thing to do is cut strawberries.  I am always thankful for the help.

 photo Chocolate covered strawberries-0328_zpshocqjspa.jpg

Isaac is also my best cleaner.  He always follows through with his chores, and gets them done.  His room is always clean, his bed is always made, and my favorite; his shoes are always straightened.

 photo Spring BReak 2015-1102_zpshtz7qein.jpg

I am thankful for Isaac.  He is a special boy with special abilities that everyone in our home can learn from.  Isaac is turning 8 this summer.  In our church, you are baptized at the age of 8.  I am so excited for him to take this next step, and become an official member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I also know that the gift of the Holy Ghost will help this impulsive boy so much.  It’s nice to know that the Holy Ghost can help us all make good choices.

 photo Isaac 8x10_zpszsjbc6gs.jpg

I am proud of Isaac and the boy he is growing up to be. 

I thank God for sending me this sweet blue-eyed boy.


KW said...

Oh Isaac! We just love him. My two memories are him saying bo-bah all the time and singing to the tune of Harry Potter...Harry beary

Leslie Posey said...

Such a sweet boy! I miss him coming to play with grayson!! He is so handsome and grown up in the picture with the temple in the background! ! I can't believe he will be 8 this yr!! Wow!! Give him a hug from me and grayson

Val said...

Such a sweet post. He really does have the most striking blue eyes!! So fun to get to know him a little better. Lulu is always talking about how much fun she and Tess have when Isaac is there. I love it that he is such a great brother!

Carrie said...

Lovely post. He sounds like a very special kid.

Carrie said...

Lovely post. He sounds like a very special kid.

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