Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More Magic {Part Two- Kitchen, Office and Bath}

This is Part Two of the Christmas Magic at our house.

If you missed part one; find it here.

I leave you with the magic and several, or really if I’m honest; TOO many pics.


 photo Thanksgiving2014-0214_zps5449545d.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0201_zps85aed41e.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0206_zpsd9f4bb36.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0194_zps66578f9e.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0193_zps364d45ce.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0197_zps57601632.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0198_zps51d0693a.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0400_zpsa568194a.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0207_zpsb4942367.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0224_zps1932257b.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0180_zpsc457ff52.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0188_zpsed2759f9.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0189_zps6e2a0fc2.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0183_zps1b1434b4.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0184_zpsfdb48d99.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0397_zps699b901d.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0395_zps24b4204b.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0406_zps1b30f068.jpg

This is our half bath just off our kitchen.  It was fun to add some cheer to this room by switching out the prints in this frame.  If your looking for chalkboard Christmas prints you can find the ones I use by going to my Pinterest board here.

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0132_zpsf42bf3a6.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0129_zpsb574caf6.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0220_zps02a77903.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0165_zps9bcd54c8.jpg

This is our Office.  This small white tree sits on a round table so it can peak out our front window.

I kept the decorations simple on the tree.  I’m really into the vintage looking bead type garland.  It’s so fun.

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0164_zpsc1c27106.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0403_zps21bd84b3.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0404_zps0dca3272.jpgThanks for sharing in our magic.


Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

Beautiful As always!! Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card! Such a wonderful surprise, hope you and yours and having a wonderful holiday season! Will you send me your Address, (I put the envelope aside to save your address and it walked away...sorry) you always inspire me to be more organized, with that said, I am thinking of your Christmas binder and addresses for Christmas cards! I just barely found someone to take our family pictures so I do not know it it will be out in time for Christmas, but I plan to send a 'we have moved' card out once we figure out where our "new home" will be, They are making us an offer next here is to crossing our fingers!! Happy Holidays My friend!

Anonymous said...

I love your home. I would love to hear where you purchase your decor. I love the sparkly reindeer!

sam i am said...

So beautiful! Your blog has really inspired me to the extra effort and make my space a home. Thanks for the wonderful ideas! I hope there is going to a part 3!

Candice said...

So beautiful!!!! Your home is magical!

Stella said...

Truly magic! I am sitten....

Tara said...

So lovely, Andrea - you make the magic happen. I love it. :)

julie said...

Christmas in your house is more than just magical, it's a feast for Christmas eyes and truly beautiful. You should be an interior designer. I love your blog, you inspire with pictures and words. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas and wishing you and your family a very happy new year xxx

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