Saturday, December 13, 2014

Magic {Part 3- Magic where they sleep, and where we hang out}

I have a really hard time limiting the magic to just a few rooms in the house.

It just isn’t fair to the rest of the house.

All the rooms deserve to have sparkle and lights.

Today, I’m sharing the magic that resides in the rest of our home.

Magic where they sleep:

 photo Untitled-1_zps5d75f849.jpg

 photo tess_zpsd447c323.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0295_zps82837bd9.jpg

 photo fzm-PolaroidFrame-16_zpsdc78e95f.jpg

 photo Ike_zps1547f91f.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0300_zps4aacf3e9.jpg

 photo Ike3_zps9c69a56c.jpg

 photo fzm-PolaroidFrame-14_zps82e24c43.jpg

psst… I found this cute vintage tree for Isaac’s room at our local thrift store; and it was only $1.  SCORE!

 photo Jex_zps3cffdf94.jpg

 photo fzm-PolaroidFrame-13_zps54def351.jpg

The kids love that they all have lights in their room.  Each tree has a small battery-operated set of lights.  Which totally adds to the magic.  They love having them on at night.

…and the magic where we hang out:

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0233_zps5a34c05b.jpg

This is the view of our tree as you walk down the stairs.  I love this sight.

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0253_zps6e5c396d.jpg

Our family room is where we all hang out.  This space is decorated really bright. 

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0261_zps79fef5f8.jpg

I wanted to incorporate these colors on my tree.

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0277_zps913b2774.jpg

I also wanted the tree to have a vintage feel.

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0267_zpsa78c5b1e.jpg

Glass balls, lots of ornaments, a white flocked tree, and bead garland, all add that vintage feel I’m going for.

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0265_zps02cb8c56.jpg

This is the first year that I haven’t had to put lights on a tree. 

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0412_zpse528a669.jpg

We have used a tree given to us from my grandparents for the last 15 years.  It was starting to fall apart.  I decided buying a fun flocked tree was the answer. It was time to retire our tree that has been a big part of our history. That tree has traveled a long way with us, shined in many homes across this country, and been on a great journey.  Bye. Bye. Old Tree. I hope you find a new happy home.

Welcome beautiful new pre-lit tree.

  photo ChrismtasDecorations-0414_zps134d25a8.jpg

I love the white. 

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0409_zpsd178af10.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0410_zpsffed06e4.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0411_zps6c105a5d.jpg

Oh, and I love the brilliant person that invented pre-lit trees. I just want to kiss them.

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0272_zpsfb5f871d.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0255_zpsc3858e20.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0235_zps68703059.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0247_zpsfdbd47f1.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0248_zpsb6ad4dda.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0243_zps97b56132.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0242_zpsc041585f.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0240_zpse5fbc272.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0238_zps65a49c89.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0249_zps1d3a7cb2.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0252_zpscebd37ae.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0237_zps6f6243a8.jpg

We have had a magical month.  A warm magical month.  I can’t believe this weather.

How is your December going?

I hope it’s Merry & Bright.

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0278_zps89f67729.jpg

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katie@tulsadetails said...

Beautiful, as always! I'm sure your kids love this!!

Leslie Posey said...

Yes pre-lit trees are awesome! !! It all looks great! I'm going to buy a new tree and I'm trying to decide on the white snow look or regular! Maybe I should take a poll!!

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