Monday, December 8, 2014

Magic is in the details {part one- the great room}

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is decorating for it.

I love it so much that sometimes you can find me rearranging what I’ve already decorated.

Nothing is safe; it may be moved during any part of the holidays, and even when it’s not the holidays.

I am not a professional decorator.  I am just obsessed with details, and adore the challenge of putting things together.  I think that’s why I enjoy moving things around.  Every time I move or change something, I learn more about what I love, and what looks good together.  That is how we self teach; we try new things.

…and I am completely self taught. 

I think I enjoy decorating for the holidays so much because of the lights, glitter, and colors.

Decorating for the holidays is turning your simple house in to a beautiful magical home.  That’s how I feel when I’m in a home that’s decorated for the holidays; I can always feel the magic.

The magic of it is that no 2 trees are the same.  The vast variety of the ornaments, shape of the tree, and color of the lights, can describe the vast differences in each of us.  I love seeing how each tree represents others and their homes so differently.

See… magic.  The way a tree can describe one’s heart.

I believe in the magic of Christmas, and the holiday decor is part of that.

I recently bought a Home decorating magazine at the store.  I bought it because one of my favorite designer’s homes was featured in the magazine.  As I turned over every page, I felt my heart go swoon.  I could even feel the magic leap from the pages, and then my heart sank.  The pictures stopped.  I was left wanting more.  I wanted every single detail.  Remember! Details are important to me.

Then I had a moment of self-discovery.  I realized that is why I always over-share here. 

I share way. too. many. pictures.

I want to leave you feeling satisfied. 

I want to share the details that are important to me, and..

I want you to feel like you got a true glimpse of what it is I’m trying to share.

I have truly tried to be one of those bloggers that just shares a few words, and one picture.

I honestly must tell you that is just not me. Sorry, I tried.

The secret is, the true me is; too many words, and way to many pictures.

So… the details of Christmas…

…and the magic, the lights, and the glitter.

And because I knew I couldn’t share all the magic in one post…

..this is magic {part one- the great room.}

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0169_zpsc4ad9195.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0382_zpsb931feda.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0151_zps0c2ea9bf.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0152_zps83b8a32f.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0153_zps31f5aa05.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0154_zpsb9ae69c2.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0379_zps722dafde.jpg

{in this picture, your getting all the details-including the dust… sorry I could dust every day.  This is the real Swenson home.  That one that is not magazine worthy.}

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0158_zpsb78a01b0.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0383_zpse8c171ef.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0387_zpsd0f19808.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0384_zps6ff9981c.jpg photo Thanksgiving2014-0150_zps0485c7b5.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0155_zps63b39cf1.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0140_zpsc606ace4.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0388_zps8ce7c753.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0389_zps5b6a7e98.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0167_zpsed0a6d45.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0136_zps19c38859.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0138_zps115fd39a.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0174_zpsb9f35eac.jpg

 photo ChrismtasDecorations-0390_zpsf127fb87.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0282_zps0989656d.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0284_zps4f7e85f2.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0288_zpsb16693e5.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0134_zpsac189b88.jpg

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0170_zpsf11b739b.jpg

Have a magical day!

 photo Thanksgiving2014-0231_zpsa0102470.jpg


KB said...

Absolutely love all your decor!! I plan on stealing ideas for next year or maybe I might even implement a few of them this year!! Gorgeous!

Stella said...

I want oo live there; can I join you for the holidays? Geesh; it's magical and I love every detail of this room and kitchen. Wow!

Tiffany said...

I would love to sit on your couch and read a good book! Its all so inviting and lovely. The piano scene makes me swoon! How did you do your silhouettes? I admire your ability to make such a homey home! I bet your kids love it.

Elizabeth said...

I love your blog, and please keep the photos coming! I'm just like you and I love the details, and I use your blog for inspiration all the time. I think you're great, no problem with lots of pics! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous! Your photos are always inspiring and your words keep you real. :) Miss you tons! Hope you're having a magical holiday!

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