Thursday, November 13, 2014


Today was a cold and wet day.  Did I mention it was a cold day?

We woke up this morning, and about an hour after our little peepers opened the snow began to fall.

Tess was so excited and of course she wanted to run right outside to check out the snow.

 photo KidsSkiingJanuary201418of32_zps85b73f86.jpg

I think she is excited about ski season.

After we got the kiddos off to school, Tess and I went to the gym.

Tess laughed the entire walk from our car into the gym.  She was laughing about the snow.

It made me think about how differently children and adults think about life.

I’m thinking about how cold it is, and how I don’t want to drive in it.

Tess was thinking about how fun this was going to be.  This simple little thing was so amazing to her.  Especially since it has been a whole year since she had seen the snow. 

I am thankful children can bring us back down and help us get excited about the little things too.

so… today I am savoring being a mom and enjoying the little things.

I am trying hard to be better about my journaling.  I am trying to find time to write down the little things that happen in a day, and also find the time to write down the big things.

Stella made me laugh this morning when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas. 

She told me, “I want a 4 wheeler.” 

I replied, “okay, I need another idea just in case Santa can’t bring the 4 wheeler, or find a way to get it in our house.”

Stella said, “I have another idea, tell him to park it outside.”

I love Stella’s personality.  She is so stubborn, determined and blunt, but she does it all in a loving, funny sort of way.

I love that she knows a 4 wheeler might be a hard gift to come up with, but she is going to tell you she wants one anyway.

These are the funny little moments I want to remember. I made sure I took the time to write it down this morning, and stick it in my smash journal.

 photo SmashJournals-0001_zps7cf48340.jpg

Speaking of smash journals, I have enjoyed making them for a few friends and family members as gifts lately.


I have such strong feelings about keeping records.  I know that writing things down can have so many benefits. 

There are so many ways to record our thoughts and happenings in life now with instagram, facebook, smash journals, and blogs.

Even a #hashtag can say so much

for example:


Posted on Instagram: After school snack.


I also made a smash journal for Jonathan and I.  We have started writing simple notes back and forth to each other.  This little smash journal gives us a place to stick all those little notes.  I keep thinking how fun this will be for our kids to go back and read someday. These simple notes will be part of our history someday.

As our life gets busier and busier, I struggle with finding the time for writing down the memories.  I hope and pray that I can work on this and get better; especially here on this blog.

….because I don’t want to forget about the little things like laughing because it’s snowing, or asking for a four-wheeler for Christmas.

It’s the times when I sit down to digital scrapbook that I realize just how special and important writing can be.

Isaac and Stella copy

I incorporate my blog into my scrapbook and as I go back and read what I wrote clear back in 2008 I am so thankful I wrote it down.  There are so many things I would have completely forgotten about.

Resolutions copy

Resolutions 2 copy

In the past, blogging has been such a big commitment for me.  It has been very time consuming.

I spend way to much time editing pictures, uploading, and including everything.  I need to simplify this process somehow.  Any ideas? I’ve never been known to keep things simple.

Today, I want to commit to just sitting down and writing more.  Even if it’s just a few lines here and there. 

Today was a good day. 

Next week I probably won’t remember much about it, but now I have this to remind me.

I am thankful for that.

I’m thankful that in 2019 when I finally get around to scrapbooking the year 2014, these words will be here.

Laughing about snow, and 4-wheelers for Christmas will not be forgotten.


Jennifer Adams said...

I'm not sure if this 'simplifies' the process, but it keeps me organized and prevents anything from being forgotten:

I have three clear plastic bins for my scrapbooking albums; one for the family album and one for each of my children. Within the bins are 12 Ziplock bags (one for each month of the year). As I collect photos, artwork, important papers, etc, I file them in the appropriate bins.

Then when I have time to scrapbook, I pull out a bag or two and everything is already together. If I have specific papers or stickers that coordinate with a life event, I'll stick them into the correct bags as well. It also makes it easy to bring my materials with me if I decide to scrapbook at a friends house.

I know from your blog that you prefer digital scrap booking - maybe you could organize your materials the same way, but within digital files on your computer?

I love this method because I know I'm not forgetting any important family life details, but I'm also not sacrificing precious time with my little ones in the process. ;)

Glad to see that you are able to write more frequently again, your posts are a bright spot in my day!

Krysta said...

So true and I feel the exact same way. Glad I got to talk to you today!!!

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