Thursday, November 6, 2014


There is something amazing about the word family.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-82193_zps83000c48.jpg

Families come in all shapes and sizes. 

 photo FamilyPictures2014-8485_zpsa3b24a5a.jpg

Each family is unique and different.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-8577_zps567175af.jpg

My favorite part about my family is that we get each other.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-8103_zps4c4c3256.jpg

I can almost guess what my husband or kids are going to say and do sometimes.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-8046_zpsfeca1267.jpg

My children almost always know what to expect from me.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-8028_zpsa8edbff6.jpg

It’s because we spend so much time together.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-77292_zps8f59a253.jpg

It’s because being a part of a family is comfortable and safe.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-8319_zpsa0cfa97c.jpg

I feel so lucky that I am a part of this family.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-8232_zpscbe8bb2c.jpg

God knew what he was doing when he designed the family.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-7665_zps6e041344.jpg

He knew it would be much easier to journey through this life as a family.

 photo JandA_zps67f4e2ae.jpg

I am thankful he knew I needed a partner to share in this journey.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-7943_zps66d48459.jpg

I am grateful he led me to this partner.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-73903_zps5f34f927.jpg

I have recently struggled as a mother as I’ve watched my older children grow-up, and do so many more things outside of the home.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-71762_zps5a094f4e.jpg

It was also such a bittersweet day when my little 4 year old turned 5 a few weeks ago.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-7482_zpsec181040.jpg

….and then I found this quote.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-7431_zps3773e3b1.jpg


like branches on a tree,

we all grow in different directions,

yet our roots remain as one.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-8453_zps19716e96.jpg

I just pray that I help strengthen their roots, and nurture them the way that is just right for them.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-8477_zpsf9c1b335.jpg

That when they do go in different directions, they know where their roots are planted.  I hope and pray they are planted firmly in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-8330_zps56cb30c2.jpg

I am thankful for this family.

 photo FamilyPictures2014-8401_zps553110f6.jpg

Family photos taken this September by: Emily Chadwick

Edited by: Me

 photo FamilyPictures2014-8422_zps98ca5589.jpg


Anonymous said...

I love this post. Full of richness and beauty! I love the quote, it makes 100% sense! You have a beautiful family.

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

So Darling! SO Beautiful! Thank you for the sweet reminder!

Stella said...

You have a beautiful family. Abnd you are a terrific mum. Love the photos!

KW said...

These turned out so good. Love them all

Cole said...

What beauties!! I love the 2 styles of pictures and how your creativity brought it all out to be breathtakingly beautiful!!! Love everything about them :)
And LOVE the quote! I have been wanting to do a family tree on my wall with ancestor pictures and that is the PERFECT quote to use to tie it all together!
Thanks again for your inspiration and creativity! :)

Paula Soderborg said...

These photos are so beautiful and so is your family.

Krysta said...

Beautiful pictures! Every single one of them! Love you guys.

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