Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party

Right before we went to Disneyland, Tess became obsessed with the princess Belle.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0758_zpsa30958f4.jpg

I’m not quite sure why, but I happen to love Belle so I was thrilled.

I was even more thrilled when little miss decided to have a Belle party for her fifth birthday.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this party.

Here is a massive picture overload of all the little details.

The invite:

Be our Guest

I designed this and then had them printed in a 5x7 size from Sam’s club.

We put them on fun Yellow paper, and wrote each girls name on it with gold glitter.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0865_zps2dbe9fe4.jpg

I also added some glitter to the front.

I loved delivering these invites and watching the girls just freak out.

Then the day arrived and Tess couldn’t have been more excited.

Ready for more of the party details?

 photo TessasBelleParty-0772_zps80dcacb9.jpg


 photo TessasBelleParty-0731_zpsf47377bf.jpg

I enjoyed buying lots of pink and yellow banners, tissue paper balls, and fans.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0719_zpsf11d25e5.jpg

I always pull as many items that I have lying around to make work.  Cake plates, chalkboards, house decor, and glass jars that I already own really help to pull off the look.  I really wanted to make the table look great for the tea party.

I made sure to have the clock:

 photo TessasBelleParty-0726_zps83ea8690.jpg


 photo TessasBelleParty-0727_zps650286ac.jpg

the enchanted rose:

 photo TessasBelleParty-0725_zps3460a541.jpg

and teapot:

 photo TessasBelleParty-0722_zps5a66d714.jpg

It really added to the theme of the party.

I tried to use the rose as the one item that tied it all together.  You will see that I used it in a lot of the party details.

Party favors:

I wanted each girl to have a crown.

 photo Schenks-0713_zps2dcf3096.jpg

I found these at $ tree; but knew they wouldn’t do.

 photo Schenks-0715_zpsa7db7d20.jpg

Stella and I took off the feathers, and the jewel at the top.

 photo Schenks-0716_zps5842c70c.jpg

We spray painted them gold.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0733_zps01e817ea.jpg

Then I hot glued the pearls from the ribbon section at Hobby Lobby, and then Rose buttons that I also found at Hobby Lobby.

I used the Rose buttons again and made the girls a necklace.

 photo TessasBelleParty_zpsb68330b0.jpg

We used bronze circles with a jump ring in them. I found them in the scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby.

A little hot glue and ribbon and the girls had a necklace.

I really wanted the girls to have a bow.  Everywhere I go with Tess people are always commenting on her bows.  I thought it would be fun to give the girls a bow similar to what Tess wears and keeping with the colors and theme of the party.  This little beauty is what I came up with:

 photo TessasBelleParty-001_zps6b103745.jpg

Again, repeating the rose theme; I made the roses out of circles I cut from satin fabric and a candle to burn the edges.  Then ribbon, netting, feathers from a boa, and a pretty button; and I put it all together with hot glue and a clip on the back.  Remember when you are making a bow, felt on the back helps to hold it all together.

All these fun favors were part of Belle’s beauty bar, and given to each girl in the “beauty” salon.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0732_zps9380a363.jpg

I also sent the girls home with this fun yellow bag. 

 photo TessasBelleParty-0754_zps0b39787d.jpg

Each bag had the girls initial on it… (with help from Stella)

 photo TessasBelleParty-0756_zps3cd0820b.jpg

…and was filled with:

 photo TessasBelleParty-0757_zpsce2ffca3.jpg

All these little goodies were picked up the $store.

It was nice to have the bag because it was filled with lots of goodies by the time they went home.

Another favor that went home with the girls was their tea cup.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0721_zps18b0e86e.jpg

I found these adorable glass tea cups at our local thrift store.  I ran them through our dishwasher and they were good to go.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0801_zps07995926.jpg

The girls drank pink lemonade out of them at our tea party, and then they got to take them home.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0746_zps7a7c8900.jpg

We also had Mrs. Potts treat bar: (and every single girl was freaking out about these pink suckers; who knew?)

 photo TessasBelleParty-0748_zpsff95dadb.jpg

Each girl got to fill up one of these bags with treats…

 photo TessasBelleParty-0749_zps89dc97ae.jpg 

…and then we sealed it up with washi tape.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0751_zps130a8532.jpg

The front of the bag said “thanks for coming.” 

 photo TessasBelleParty-0750_zps22411ce2.jpg

We also sent the cup cake home with the girls. 

 photo TessasBelleParty-0745_zpsd157b8a9.jpg

Since we had little tea party snacks, we didn’t need to eat the cupcake during the party.  Plus, I hate cupcake mess.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0744_zps8942bbf8.jpg

So we sent it home in these cute pink polka dot cups.

   photo TessasBelleParty-0743_zpsfe44d2e8.jpg

While the girls were drinking their pink lemonade tea, Stella and Ivie placed them in the pink party cups and wrapped them up in a clear cellophane bag and tied it up with ribbon.  This also went home in their yellow bag.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0741_zps9446dd2d.jpg

When I made the cupcake toppers, I kept the rose theme going.  I luckily found these beautiful rose stickers in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby.

Party Fun:

We had 3 stations and separated the girls into 3 groups.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0788_zpsbe4d029d.jpg

Station 1: fingernails

I let Stella stay home from school, and her cousin Ivie came to help.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0779_zpsa276b192.jpg

The girls came to Belle’s Beauty shop and got their fingernails done.

Station 2: hair

I enjoyed braiding each girls hair in a fun braid that we call the princess crown in our house.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0791_zpsc74e336a.jpg

This is the station that we added the bow and crown to their hair.

I also put the necklace on each girl.

It was so fun as I listened to each girl ask, “Do we get to take these home?”

“Yep.” (insert massive smiles from girls)

Station 3: mirrors

My two friends whose girls came to the party stayed and helped with this station.(thank you Ashley and Bre)

I cut mirrors out of gold and silver paper before hand.

 photo TessasBelleParty-002_zps5a4ca95a.jpg

Each girl put them together and added jewels wherever they liked.  Notice Tessa’s are on her mirror.  She is going to have a hard time seeing her reflection. I love that children like to make things there own and do it their way.

They also colored a rose to be added to the back.

Once the stations were done, we went to the tea party.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0797_zpsaa8807cf.jpg

We had small cookies, small crackers, and pink lemonade poured from the teapot in to the girls very own tea cup.  A fun straw was also put out just in case they wanted to use it.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0847_zps4609e966.jpg

We took pictures of each girl and the group; which I plan to use for the thank you card that we will make and send out soon.

A little dancing at the ball…

 photo TessasBelleParty-0851_zps87f12570.jpg

some present opening…

 photo TessasBelleParty-0858_zps5ca40a4d.jpg

and the party was a success.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0860_zps8eb63ab1.jpg

Thanks for coming to our Belle party.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0808_zps1ce6c2bb.jpg

Happy birthday baby girl.

check out more party fun here.


Carrie said...

Perfect! I love the nods to the characters. Fanatic job!

Leslie Posey said...

Oh I love it! You put on the best parties!! Tessa looks like she is in princess heaven! She is the most beautiful belle ever! I love the color yellow! Great job!!

Andrea Worley said...

This is adorable as ever! I love that it's character based but not over the top and cheesy. you did a fantastic job!

Stella said...

You are amazing when it comes to organising birthday parties. and you nailed this theme. Gorgeous! Congrats on your little girl!

Cole said...

Eeeekkk!! I LOVE it! I love to see the parties you do and just soak it all up! Birthday's are my favorite holiday and I give my kids the choice every year of a nice gift or a party...they always choose the party of course.
We did my 13 yr old's on Friday and we did a "Traveling Party" because at their age all the want to do is talk, so it is fun to get creative! We went skating, mini golf & rides at a Fun center, then we traveled to a Pumpkin patch/carnival and the girls got to take home a pumpkin, then we went to get Pie Pizza and finally a $1 movie. It was loads of fun and the girls had a blast! I loved making the invitations, like you and saying what they were going to do as traveling info. It was great!
I just love love your belle party! Thanks for sharing all your cute ideas and talent! You are truly amazing! Just wish you lived closer! Cuz I am throwing a party for me next :)

julie said...

Love, love,love it! You never cease to amaze- brilliant xxx

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