Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Belle is Five.

My little girl will be Five in the morning.  Boo! Hoo! (excuse me while I go get a tissue)

 photo TessasBelleParty-0760_zpse7d2345e.jpg

We celebrated her birthday with a “Beauty” party at the beginning of the week.

Be our Guest

I must say I may have had more fun putting the party together than the 13 beautiful princess who attended.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0718_zps8e625834.jpg

Actually, I think the little princesses enjoyed it too. 

 photo TessasBelleParty-0731_zpsbf97b0ef.jpg

Each little cutie was invited to come in their princess gowns.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0777_zps1b81f6fb.jpg

Fingernails were painted.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0785_zpsd5d22df9.jpg

Hair was braided.

 photo TessasBelleParty_zps9a4f57df.jpg

Part of visiting the beauty salon was receiving a bow, a crown, and a necklace.

And mirrors were crafted by each girl(totally forgot to take a picture of this part; Ugh!!)

 photo TessasBelleParty-0795_zpsa4b309d8.jpg

Once each girl was done at our “Beauty” salon they were ready for Belle’s Tea Party.

This was by far my favorite part of the whole party.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0796_zpsad8becdb.jpg

The chatter alone was priceless.

Each girl was so excited about drinking pink lemonade out of their own little tea cup.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0809_zpsce470adc.jpg

…and little miss smiled all the way through “Happy Birthday to You.”

Following the tea party we made sure to capture a picture of each girl.

 photo TessasBelleParty-001_zpsd55656df.jpg

…and you can’t forget the group shot:

 photo TessasBelleParty-0847_zps4609e966.jpg

…and the silly group shot:

 photo TessasBelleParty-0850_zps91b48d42.jpg

It was time to head to the ball, and enjoy some dancing.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0851_zps87f12570.jpg

Okay, how magical and sweet is this?

We ended the party with some present opening…

 photo TessasBelleParty-0858_zps5ca40a4d.jpg

…a group hug to say thank you,

 photo TessasBelleParty-0860_zps8eb63ab1.jpg

Then each little girl got to fill their little treat bag at Mrs. Potts candy station.

 photo TessasBelleParty-0748_zpsff95dadb.jpg

It was a beautiful morning spent with some beautiful princesses.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

Party Details coming soon.


Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

I have kind of tooned out of blogging...I miss it and still always check for your posts! She is so beautiful! I always love seeing the little touches you share with us in your home! Miss you!

Amanda B said...

awww love love love.. all the little girls have blonde hair. so beautiful. boys just don't sit like that for photos! what a great party!

April said...

What an adorable party with such cute little girls! Love all the details!

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