Monday, November 24, 2014

{It’s Tradition}

I turned five a few weeks ago.

My mom threw me a princess party.

You may remember seeing it here on her blog.  We had my friend party a few days before my real birthday.

The best part about turning 5 is that I got to share my real birthday with my family.

My mom says traditions are important.

I’m not sure what that means, except I know that because of it; I get to eat my breakfast in bed every year.

 photo DSC_0864_zps33018675.jpg

This year I had a cake batter waffle.

 photo DSC_0863_zpsc7209030.jpg

A lot of people have asked my mom for the recipe.  It is super simple:

All you need is:

funfetti cake batter mix

all the ingredients that cake mix calls for


syrup and powder sugar if you like

This is how you make it:

You follow the instructions on the cake mix for ingredients and mixing.

Heat up your waffle iron and add 1/4 C. of batter to hot waffle iron.

When it’s all cooked, my mom likes to put a scoop of frosting in the middle.

She always drizzles a little syrup, sprinkles a little powdered sugar, and sticks a candle right in the middle.

Yummy Yummy. Lots of sugar in my tummy.

I opened lots of fun gifts on my birthday.  My favorite was a book that uses a special Elsa wand to add sound effects.

 photo TessisFive-0910_zps09713d88.jpg

Another fun gift was from my Aunt JoDean.  She lives close to me, so she came and read me the book Chrysanthemum.  She gave me the book to keep.  It was fun to listen to her read me the story.

   photo TessisFive-0925_zps3ba9e58e.jpg

I really like that book.

My mom says it’s tradition to have a special birthday dinner.

I get to pick what ever I want to eat.

I picked Raman Noodles.

 photo TessisFive-0899_zpsedffcfd1.jpg

My mom laughed.

I don’t know why.

She said, “that doesn’t sound like a very special birthday dinner.  Are you sure you want Raman noodles?”

 photo TessisFive-001_zps8f00c020.jpg

I was sure, and the birthday girl always gets what she wants.

I helped my mom make the cupcakes to share with my family.

 photo TessisFive-0873_zps23923ce9.jpg

I like being in the kitchen with her.

Stella helped my mom get the cupcakes all frosted.

 photo TessisFive-0911_zps886df7e6.jpg

Every year on my birthday we decorate Halloween shaped sugar cookies made by my mom.

My mom says, “it’s tradition.”

 photo TessisFive-0880_zpsbe369fe0.jpg

I love decorating the cookies.

 photo TessisFive-0888_zps7189f637.jpg

So do my brothers and sisters.

 photo TessisFive_zpsd0f1a7af.jpg

It’s fun to give the cookies away to a few of our friends; that’s tradition too.

Sometimes we take them to our school and give them to our teachers.

The day was so busy with breakfast, presents, Raman, cupcakes, and cookies.

My mom said “wow” It’s already 7:25pm:

 photo TessisFive-0898_zps20bb28ab.jpg


That is how we roll on birthdays. 

Well really that is how we roll on most days.

We started decorating cookies at 7:30 at night.

My mom says when Jex was 5 he was in bed by 7:30.

I guess I’m one lucky 5 year old because I never go to bed that early. 

It is so fun being the baby.

My mom says I’m spoiled.

I think I’m just well-loved.

We made a big mess in my mom’s kitchen by the time we were all done:

 photo TessisFive-0895_zpsde6e4d07.jpg

My parents gave me some face paint pens for my birthday.  Stella tried them out and turned me into a butterfly.

My family always sings “happy birthday.”

 photo TessisFive-003_zps38dab285.jpg

…and I made a wish.

I love being five.

 photo TessisFive-002_zps67c77312.jpg

I am thankful that we always do the same special things on my birthday.

I think that’s what my mom means by tradition.

see y’all later


Tessa Mae



JPAmom said...

So cute!! She looks just like you! :)

Stephanie said...

Your kids have got to think they are the most special kids on this earth! They are very lucky!

Michelle said...

I loved this, Andrea. Can't believe our babies are turning 5. BTW, Rosemary loves Ramen, too! (forehead smack! :)

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