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Disney Week {Part Five-Taking pictures at Disneyland Which camera do I use? Do I dare take my nice camera?}

I had such a hard time trying to decide what to do about my big girl camera before we went on our trip to Disneyland. Do I take it? Will it be in the way? or will I miss that I don’t have it?

After talking with a friend who took her big girl camera, I knew I just had too.

My friend suggested keeping it on my body the whole time, and for the most part I was surprised that I  could ride almost every ride with it on me.

I even rode space mountain with it over my shoulder, and splash mountain with it covered under a poncho.

The night before the big day, I put my battery in the charger, and prepared for our adventures in the park.

OK. Can I just say that preparing to go to Disneyland reminds me of preparing for Christmas morning.  It was a chore.

The morning of our first day in the park, we all got up and got ready.

Stella and I had a little tiff about her hair, and I felt extremely frustrated and sad after the fact.

It wasn’t really how I wanted the morning of Disney to go down; but I share here and I want to be real that our morning really didn’t go down as smoothly as I had hoped.

Please tell me that busy mornings like this sometimes end this way at your house too?

In my anxious, sorry, and frustrated haste, I grabbed my camera and all the belongings I had put together the night before and headed out the door.

Oh, and I made sure the 5 people I love came with me.  They even helped carry all the belongings.

I put my great big camera around my person, and couldn’t wait to take the typical first picture of my kids in front of the train station on their first visit to Disneyland.

I pulled out my little Nikon friend, and realized I forgot to give my Nikon friend her fully charged battery back.

Ugh!! Going back for the battery was one long walk, and shuttle ride back to the hotel.

I decided then and there not to let it ruin my day. This is one of the first pictures I took at Disneyland.  It is taken with my iphone.  We are waiting in line for the Haunted Mansion.  I am glad I have this picture.  I just picked up my iphone and moved on. 

 photo IMG_5672_zps697b0f31.jpg

So.  Tip #1: make sure your battery is charged; and then make sure you put the battery back.

Tip #2: keep your nice big camera around your body.  It really works great and is not a bother at all.

I was thankful I had my iphone that first day.  I did get some fun pictures.  I felt it was truly a blessing that our phones now take pictures; and for the most part good pictures.

We went to Disneyland for 5 days.  I ended up taking my big girl camera(Nikon D90) to the park on 3 of the 5 days.

What I loved about having my big camera, and how I managed it:

It really wasn’t a bother to just wear it over my shoulder.  I thought it might be.

When I couldn’t take it on a ride, I left it with someone in my family who wasn’t riding.

I used my 50mm lens the entire time, and never changed it.

I knew I was getting the best quality pictures with my Nikon.

I love how every picture I took with my Nikon turned out.

What I loved about my iphone:

It was easy to carry around.

I didn’t have to mess with settings.  I just pulled it out and took the pictures.

I loved being able to share the pictures on Instagram.  It was fun posting them as it was all happening.

I enjoyed editing the pictures right away on my phone using some fun apps.

{Taking my Nikon for just a few of the days seemed to be the perfect amount.}

 photo Disneyland2014-0558_zpsb87c7630.jpg

Tip #3: Map out the days you want to have your nice camera. ie: the days you will try to get some pics with characters.

One of the evenings in the park, we picked our spot and waited for the parade.  I used this time to walk around and take some pictures of all the Disneyland details. 

 photo Disneyland2014-0187_zps71287772.jpg

I also enjoyed taking pictures of the kids doing what they do while they wait.

 photo Disneyland2014-0213_zps08347453.jpg

I decided to hand Stella my iphone, and let her take pictures of the parade.

I took pictures with my Nikon:

 photo Disneyland2014-0242_zps462a3adc.jpg

She took pictures with my iphone:


It was fun to see the parade from her point of view.



Tip #4: Let someone else have the camera.  You will be amazed at how they see the world through the lens.

…and It appears as though I went on the vacation also.  I am never in any pictures because I am always behind the camera. This was fun to see because I had no idea she took this:

IMG_6254 IMG_5885

Stella has such an eye for composition and photography.  I enjoy seeing what she comes up with.

On the days that I had both cameras in the park, I still tried to take pictures with my iphone.

I enjoyed instagraming all the fun things we were doing, so it was important to me that I had some iphone pictures to do that as well.


Tip #5: if you like to post on social media, ie: facebook or instagram, it is good to make sure you snap with your iphone.

I know there are lots of people who take nice pictures with their big girl camera.  Then they email them to themselves and save it to their phone to instagram.  That works too.  I do feel like it’s called {insta} gram for a reason.  Take the picture and instantly post it to social media. Make it easy on yourself.


I had lots of friends and family who enjoyed following our trip via instagram.  Your iphone is perfect to capture those little snapshots.

Was I disappointed or did I feel like I missed some good shots on the days I didn’t have my nice camera?

Not really, with the exception of the traditional train station picture(which I never did make the time to take, btw.)

I actually enjoyed pushing my iphone a little to see what it could do.

I was surprised at how beautifully it captured some great moments.

This picture makes me smile:

 photo IMG_6039_zps17a39ab6.jpg

  My iphone camera did a great job letting the sunlight in.

It gave the picture such a beautiful glow.

Here is is straight out of the iphone:


I captured quite a few pictures with the beautiful glow:


I also found that my phone takes great night pictures:


My family was in such a hurry during the Halloween party walking from here to there, but I still wanted to take in all the scenery with my camera.  My family didn’t always have the patience for me to change my settings, so many times I just pulled out the trusty iphone.

My night pictures turned out pretty good for iphone pics.

Here is a comparison:




 photo Disneyland2014-0176-2_zpsc1c753d8.jpg

My Nikon pictures are more true to color, crisper and sharper.  However, I am still impressed with what I could capture with my phone and how it automatically adjusts the settings.  Pictures always turn out better when you can adjust for yourself, but way to go iphone.  You did your best, and I’m happy with it.

Tip #6: Push your iphone.  Test it out; and see what it can do.  You might be surprised.

Tip #7: Try your iphone at night.

Is there anything that bothers me about the pictures I took with my iphone?


The pictures from my iphone have a lot of grain in them. 

Knowing how to shoot your big girl in manual mode allows you to get rid of grain(most of the time.)



If grain bothers you I would suggest taking the important pics with your nice camera.


 photo Disneyland2014-0217_zpsa80ca915.jpg

Tip #8: Take the important pictures with your nice camera.

I was so worried that my family was going to be annoyed with me and my camera.  I prepared them all before that they just needed to roll with it, and just smile and get it over with.

The kids did such a good job at making sure I got the pictures I wanted.

I did take the time I wanted, and didn’t let anyone rush me.  I also made sure to take those pictures that no one knew I was taking.

 photo Disneyland2014-0153_zps6741a30d.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0076_zps709c9375.jpg

Tip #9: If pictures are important to you, prepare your family before, and make the time for them.

Pictures of your trip can be just as important as the trip itself.

Then when you get home and show your family the pictures they will never regret that you took the time to take them.  They will love looking at them.

Tip #10: Take both Cameras, document your memories with them, and then come home and be so grateful you have record of wonderful moments spent with loved ones.

 photo IMG_6133_zpsd6182a10.jpg

Capture the little things you see, and use whichever camera is available.

You will be thankful to have them regardless of which lens they come out of.


Ford said...

Have you looked into the Eye-fi?

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing all these tips and pictures! I loved seeing them and your costumes were darling!

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