Thursday, November 20, 2014

Disney Week {Part Four- Halloween}

We were so lucky to attend Mickey’s first Halloween party of the year.

 photo Disneyland2014-0015_zpsc6791113.jpg

It was awesome!!

It was so fun to dress up in our costumes and be at Disneyland.

 photo Disneyland2014-0012_zps11840967.jpg

I worked hard for a few weeks before our trip to make the costumes.

 photo IMG_6133_zps106b9803.jpg

Stella was Anna, Tessa was Elsa, and Isaac was Olaf.

 photo Disneyland2014-0021_zps686849c2.jpg

Jex and Jonathan decided to be pirates, and be a part of Kristin’s families Peter Pan theme.

 photo IMG_6188_zps2145af7f.jpg

I joined my sister Lindsay’s Alice in Wonderland theme as the Queen of Hearts.

 photo IMG_6235_zps8481eadf.jpg

….off with your head.

 photo IMG_6109_zpsacdc8f0b.jpg

My parents made the cutest or I guess creepiest Jack and Sally Skelington.

 photo Disneyland2014-0018_zps77e93ff0.jpg

People actually thought my parents were the real Disney Jack and Sally.  They actually wanted pictures with them.

 photo Disneyland2014-0042-2_zpsbc28afc7.jpg

Disney pulls out all the stops.  The atmosphere was just awesome. The cups at Disneyland are even done up for Halloween.

 photo IMG_6081_zpsb1fe3032.jpg

Everything had been decorated for Halloween.

 photo Disneyland2014-0146_zps52e415a7.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0149_zps61b11bd1.jpg

We each received a bag for trick or treating and there were trick or treating stops all along the way.

 photo IMG_6184_zps5d72b6d0.jpg

It was kind of neat to ride the rides in our costumes.

 photo IMG_6101_zpsac15d950.jpg

Here is our pirate on Pirates of the Caribbean.

 photo Disneyland2014-0058-2_zpsc32d2a02.jpg

I couldn’t help myself and just enjoyed taking pictures of all the details going on around us.

 photo Disneyland2014-0142_zps46843160.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0189_zps6e4b29f9.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0187-2_zps6271ec3a.jpg

We enjoyed taking a break to watch the awesome fireworks show.

 photo Disneyland2014-0072_zps23dac743.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0102-2_zpsa05e3a38.jpg

 photo IMG_6189_zps91ffe5d2.jpg

…and all the villains came out to see us. photo Disneyland2014-0033_zpsfe1df136.jpg

They even put on a little villain production.

 photo Disneyland2014-0221_zps1ecea54b.jpg

It was quite funny.

Halloween celebrations at Disneyland are way too much fun.


KW said...

Definitely was a great time!

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