Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Disney Week {Part Three-stop and enjoy the scenery}

The magic of Disneyland happens in the details.

I couldn’t help but take pictures of the details. 

These are some of my favorite pictures. 

I once heard that a picture isn’t worth keeping if it doesn’t have people in it.

I completely disagree.

Sometimes it’s the pictures of the details around us that tell the story.

If you had never been to Disneyland, these pictures would help you feel the magic that is there.

Enjoy some of my favorite details:

 photo Disneyland2014-0193_zps72f9f183.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0187_zps71287772.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0177_zps111486f9.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0215_zps49cf3f82.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0199_zps20bbf3b5.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0201_zpsf9713aaf.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0203_zpsa6bd6b7f.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0176-2_zpsc1c753d8.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0584_zpsa228a0f0.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0495_zps0ee76786.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0181_zpsd2c7ac70.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0623_zps9a048324.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0098_zpsba032921.jpg

Bippity Boppity Boo!

 photo Disneyland2014-0593_zpse19d2817.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0172_zpsef161050.jpg

Haunted Mansion was changed to the Nightmare Before Christmas.

 photo Disneyland2014-0068_zps4b29c9f6.jpg


Parades at Disneyland, make the best scenery.  We loved watching the parades.

 photo Disneyland2014-0219_zps8037d745.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0425_zps30bf5222.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0353_zps99705f7a.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0302_zpsd2f682bd.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0293_zps99eab824.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0242_zps462a3adc.jpg

 photo Disneyland2014-0217_zpsa80ca915.jpg


Along with all the beautiful scenery at Disneyland…

 photo Disneyland2014-0398_zps29358fe5.jpg

…we knew we couldn’t pass up the beautiful scenery at the beach that was just 30 minutes away.

 photo Disneyland2014-0235-2_zps445e28c8.jpg

On our way home from Cali, we made the little detour and headed to the beach. 

 photo Disneyland2014-0240_zpsf65570b5.jpg


 photo Disneyland2014-0290-2_zpsd8a0a29f.jpg

Kristin picked the best beach.  It was called Crescent Bay Beach.

 photo IMG_6216_zps450d359c.jpg

We only had about 2 hours to play because we needed to get on the road.

 photo Disneyland2014-0257-2_zpsf972fb4a.jpg

2 hours was not long enough. 

 photo Disneyland2014-0382_zps508c2a66.jpg

The kids didn’t want to leave.

 photo Disneyland2014-0269_zpsd24d20c7.jpg

Next time, I’ll remember we need a whole day at the beach.

 photo Disneyland2014-0247-2_zps407051bb.jpg

This was such a good way to end our vacation.

 photo Disneyland2014-0375_zpsd2ab7e6e.jpg

The world around us is amazing and beautiful.

 photo Disneyland2014-0254_zpsc497ad84.jpg

We could all do well to savor the scenery just a little more.

 photo Disneyland2014-0246_zps826800b2.jpg


Heather Harrison said...

Some of my family lives in California and we went to Disneyland and Crescent Bay this summer. Thanks for the sweet reminders of how wonderful both of these places are. Crescent Bay really is the best!

KW said...

Brought back all the great memories at Disney! You weren't kidding when you said you were going to blog more, you are on a roll!

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